Tiffany & Michael {Wedding Day}

The church was completely empty and every move echoed.  There is a peace during those few moments when everything is still, as if the sanctuary knows it better take a deep breath before all the excitement of the day begins.  A block down the street, Tiffany and her bridesmaids prepared for the day at her […]

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Jolyn - These are amazing! Such a fun day and fun couple! 🙂 Love you both!

Tiffany - OMG! You guys are brillant! Seriously can’t stop looking at them!! I married quite the model 😉

Michael - Great day, great people, great fun, and great photographers! PS Tiff is the model, not me 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

Tiffany - OMG! You guys are brillant!!!! Seriously…can’t stop looking at them! I married quite the model! 😉

brittany - these are amazing!!!!! such a beautiful couple!!!

Gayle Schlautman - Beautiful Pictures! Wonderful couple and great day!

Chris - I’ll be the 1st non-groom male to comment. Photos look great. Great way to reminisce the day.

CASSY - OMG!!!! this is absolutely amazing!!! Tiffany and Michael you were sooo beautiful/handsome!!! I can’t wait to see more!!!!!

Sally - Great Pics. What a memorible day:)

Joel Conner - amazing…as always. You guys rock so hard that it makes my ears/eyes/nasal cavity hurt.

Tiffany S - These are adorable pictures! Ccongrats Tiff! 🙂

Shiloh & Ryan {Wedding Day}

She’s said from the first time she mentioned their January wedding day – “sunshine is nice, snow would be great, all that matters is that it doesn’t sleet or ice.” We’ve had a pretty mild winter, so things looked safe. And then it happened. The day before the big day as they were getting ready to start the rehearsal the ice began to come down. In mass amounts. And their phones began to ring. Wedding party members stranded on interstates that looked like parking lots, family members unable to get out of their driveways, decorators off the side of the road in the grass. To say their stress level rose as each call came in would be an understatement.

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christine - Holy gorgeousness!!! Such a fabulous set of photos, you two know how to rock it!

Shiloh - Wow–I am speechles about how great these turned out. Who would know we were freezing out there–haha. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for everything.


Becky & Dan {Valentine’s Day}

Sometimes it’s the big occasions. Graduation, wedding days, engagement, new baby. And sometimes, it’s just something simple. An idea really. Just wanting to remember a certain time in your life, the way you were right then. During that period of your life. We go through life day to day, busy, swiftly missing the subtle moments that fill our lives with love. The life line that binds us together tightens and if we don’t stop every so often and just BE… together… we may miss it. So even if it’s a gloomy day, it’s so much better when it’s spent TOGETHER. Celebrating nothing more than your love.

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kristin weis - Too cute!

Amanda the Great - This is such an awesome session! I love the colors and the digs are adorable.

Kim - What an awesome session! Love the colors in this. I’m glad they did this. 🙂

christine - Gorgeous!!! I absolutely love when people bring along their doggies…and you captured them perfectly! xoxo

Lisa - This is so cute. What a great idea…

Diane Schaefer - Awww…Very cute!

Tammy - Love. I see love. I feel love.

Jill & Kyle {Wedding Day Highlight Video}

If you recall Jill and Kyle’s wedding day, you know that their day was filled with so much beauty, and thought, and love. And details! Jill’s style and ideas made Pinterest look like child’s play! Luckily, they had us there to capture it all not only with photographs, but with video as well. For those […]

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Diane Schaefer - So very beautiful! Wow you guys captured the day perfectly! Thanks!