Whitney & Kurt {engaged}

“It was an amazing twist of fate” Whitney will tell you. There is no other way to explain it. It’s the kind of chance occurrences that happen only in the movies, a love story books are based on. And it goes like this – Once upon a time, just at the exact right time…


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Jenny Hodges - I adore their “love story” of how they met!! What a session! You guys continue to amaze me at the photos you produce! Karin, I may have to book you for a session with me & my husband. I want amazing photographs like this to hang up! P.S. I totally dig this site!!

Beth - AMAZING pictures!!! You guys look so good! Very happy for the both of you and can’t wait for the big day! πŸ™‚

Ashley Tipton - Whitney & Kurt – Your story is amazing just like the two of you. I am so happy for you both. I love the pictures you are a beautiful couple and I have to agree in these pics you look like movie stars πŸ™‚ . The photographer did an amazing job. Congrats again and I can’t wait to see how beautiful the wedding is. <3 Ashley

Ashlee Ritchie - I was there the night these two fell in love and was able to witness the sparks flying! I am so happy for you guys and wish you all the best!

The pictures are amazing and capture the true beauty of this relationship!

stephanie worley - Just love the pictures! You two are such a good pair! I hope you get the number of posts you need and Congrats again on the engagement! πŸ™‚

Lisa Vollmer - These pictures are beautiful, gorgeous and really something special to treasure. What a lovely couple and a beautiful love story. I wush them all the happiness in the world as they begin this new chapter in their lives :).

Amanda - I love the love story! The photos are breathtaking and I wish you many more memorable moments!!!

Wendy - These are the most beautiful pictures I have seen. You both look amazing and the setting of each picture is priceless. Good luck.

Susan Mueller - The pictures are just beautiful, the photographer did an awesom job. Would highly recommend her to others.

Cyndee Rapp (M.O.B.) - OMG!! The pictures are everything and more than I expected!! They look so “Hollywood!” Karin, you were right when you told me you had good farms to trespass on!! (kidding). Hope you can make a bunch of old farmers look this good come wedding day. Can’t wait to meet Rodger.

becky becker - These pictures are just amazing!!! Whitney and Kurt are such a great couple. I knew he was the one for here the first time i meet him. I’m so honered to be a part of there special day in March.

Jen Ruch - Whitney and Kurt’s story is timeless. After all she went through in the past she deserves a fabulous person and Kurt is just that. The pictures are beautiful. I will have to keep you in mind when I want to have my twin newborns photographed.

Amy Petterson - Love the pictures!! I have known Whit for a long time and am so happy she has found her prince charming! She is an amazing person and deserves the best! Kurt is one lucky man! Best Wishes can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

Jacque - You guys look so good!!! The photos are absolutely beautiful!!!

CDavison - So cute so sweet! Really outstanding pictures.

Megan Frey - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!! The backgrounds are gorgeous and very fitting πŸ™‚ Super cute and love their story!

Jackie Keim - The engagement story is so neat!!!! Gorgeous pictures!!!!!!

Sheila Brownlee - Whit deserves someone who will appreciate her as she has grown into a fine young beautiful lady and went through a very trying time in her life. I cant be more happy for them to have found each other at the right time in both of their life’s. Congrats to them both and I wish them many happy years ahead. Your story and pictures are gorgeous.

Connie Carpenter - Your pictures are amazing! You are both so photogenic. Hats off to your photographer she did an outstanding job on your engagement pictures and I’m sure the best is yet to come with your wedding pictures. I love the idea of the “love story” as part of this blog! I’m a proud mom πŸ™‚

Tate O - A.dorable.

Tiffiny - Amazing pictures ! Best wishes !!

Corie Gwinn - WOW! These are really amazing! What a gorgeous couple. Congrats to both of you!

Deb Pierce - Your pictures are amazing!!! I love, love, love them! Congrats to both of you, welcome to the family Whitney and we can’t wait for the wedding!

Emily Gavilsky - Whitney totally deserves her happily ever after! These pictures are gorgeous & i LOVE the natural light. BEAUTIFUL. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re both ridiculously good looking! =)

Barbie Weis - LOVE the engagement pics!!! Soo happy for you Whitney!! πŸ™‚

Kelly - The story brought tears to my eyes!! I’m do happy for the two of you!! πŸ™‚ the pictures are absolutely gorgeous! πŸ˜‰

Mary Hall - Gorgeous photos. Absolutely beautiful! Not enough adjectives to describe how much I love these pics of this adorable and happy couple!

Michelle Elliott - I am so happy for the two of you! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I wish you all the best luck and worlds of happiness!!

Ashley La Fleur - Whitney, you look so beautiful! I love this session. I’m very glad you are incredibly happy! XO

Marlene Cunico - Love the pictures!!! So happy for you both πŸ™‚

Katie Cain - Sooo amazing!!!! Definitely going to keep tensixteen in mind for future pictures and recommendations to friends!! You guys are a gorgeous couple and I can’t wait for the wedding!!

Katie - So happy for you Whitney! The pictures are beautiful, and you surely deserve your fairy tale!

Jennifer Robertson - Gorgeous pictures Whitney! Love the ones in the wheat! We’re so happy for you both!

Annie Landfried - Beautiful couple, and beautiful pictures!! Great job!! Congrats, Whitney and Kurt!!

Adam Stout - Really amazing pitures of you two!!! I cant wait until the big day… congrats again Kurt and Whitney!

Nici Vannordstrand - Wow. Such beauty!

Hollie Meier - Asbolutely love the pictures. Cannot wait for the big day :))

Erika Britton - These pictures are absolutely beautiful! The story before adds such an amazing personal touch and will be something they can always treasure! Congrats you two, can’t wait for the big day πŸ™‚

Sandy Heepke - Congratulations guys. I love the work that Ten Sixteen Photography did. Beautiful! I can’t wait to be a part of your special day. Love you both! πŸ™‚

Courtney McConahay - Where do I begin…. I have known Whitney for the past 6 years. We first met working at the YMCA together. The first time we met we were pretty much inseparable. I have been there for Whitney through just about everything even through the bad break up. Granted, up until 2 months ago Whitney and I lost some touch which her due to me joining the Air Force and I was unable to be there the night Whitney and Kurt met but we always seemed to keep in touch via Facebook. I always heard nothing but good things about Kurt. I knew one day this moment would come for Whitney again. I have prayed and prayed for Whitney to find happiness and for someone incredibly special to walk into her life and Kurt is that man. I haven’t seen Whitney this happy before since I have known her for the past 6 years. Whitney deserves the world and is such an amazing person and friend. She will do anything and everything for people and Kurt is the same exact way. We all know Whitney can be hard to handle sometimes but that’s the reason why we all love her and what’s not to love? I am so happy Kurt managed to walk into Whitney’s life. The story is so magical yet ironic. It makes those of us who have not yet found the loves of our lives believe in something greater and know that magical things can happen to good people like Whitney and Kurt. I wish nothing but happiness and unconditional love for these two wonderful people. I love you two so very much and I am so blessed to have a new friend like Kurt.


Gary Rapp - Very nice pictures!! Best guy she ever brought home,see you in March.

Brandus AKA Cupid - …..sniff…..sniff….sniff…

Kurt probably has never thanked his intuition enough as he came with complete strangers to a stalkers house. And I honestly am greatful that he did for I have not seen Whittney this happy since Facebook got an iPhone app. This truly is a fairy tail and I’m glad I was a part of it. Kurt is a wonderful man and I saw that in him since day one as we all ate chilli in his living room. Still in awe of the way that night played out as we watched a new love being developed. I love you two and I wish nothing but the best!

Jessica - Congratss Whit! I am happy for you πŸ™‚ Glad everything ended up the was it was supposed to be!

Ackerley Paul - Your pictures are so beautiful! Congratulations and we will see you soon! πŸ™‚

Stacey - Where can i begin????? Pictures are amazing you two make a great couple! Wish i was still at the school to to hear all the excitement of you planning and the after of how great it was! If i ever meet my match i would l love to have great pictures like this….once again AMAZING

Jenna Reece - Love the pictures. So pretty!

Katie Wagner - I love these photos! One word…Perfection. Whitney, you are absolutely gorgeous…Kurt, you’re not so bad yourself! πŸ˜‰ Both of you look flawless! Of course, the story about the beginning of your relationship will make anyone tear up and want to hear more! You have the rest of your lives to share more stories. Best wishes to you both! Now, bring on the big day!! <3

Coleen Olson - All I can say is WOW! The photographer really captured the heart and essence of such a loving couple. Can’t wait for that big day! My heart’s filled with joy for the both of you.

Andrea Reece - The pictures are really good! Kurt, I never realized you photographed so well. πŸ˜‰ Congrats to you both and enjoy this phase in your relationship!

Courtney Becherer - These pictures are amazing! The colors are so vivid and you too look so happy! Can’t Wait for the wedding!


Katie - Love the pics you guys look gorgeous!!

jen isaacs - Awesome pictures and a gorgeous couple!! You definitely captured the start of many new beginnings!!

Heather - Whitney, I love all of your pictures!!! You and Kurt look so great together!! I’m so happy you found each other!! <3 you

Sarah Timko - I agree with your Dad! Your pictures turned out great! <3 you guys!

Kelci Maddick - I LOVE your pictures Kurt and Whitney! They are awesome! πŸ™‚

Angela Barnes - Such beautiful and sweet photos – a wonderful preview of a wonderful life to come.

Melanie Williams (Melly) - Oh Whit I am so happy for you!!! God had made you two for eachother πŸ™‚ The Lord works in ways we never could imagine. I know how much you have been through and just reading the story literally put tears in my eyes. Kurt I have never met you but I can’t wait! Me and Whit go WAY back and I would not change of single minute of it…. I love you so much girl and I am sooooo happy for you two πŸ™‚

Liz Mecklenburg - Awww!!! Such wonderful pictures!!! If you get more shots taken let me know so that I can get in the background!!! LOL
Best wishes!!!!!

Kera Olson - All I can say is WOW! These pictures are absolutely breathtaking! So happy for the two of you! Whitney am so honored you asked me to be a part of your special day! Love you both and wish you all the happiness as you live out your very own fairytale πŸ™‚

Sarah awalt - Your pics are amazing I am so happy for you two. You look so happy Whit I love you!!!!

Shelly Slaner - Oh Whitney, I love this story and I love these pictures. I’ve never seen this kind of post before with the story and pictures together. I am so happy for you – I LOVE the barn picture – that is def. my favorite – I can’t wait to see and read the next chapter πŸ™‚

Ames olson - Wow really great photos!! Congrats to both of you…beautiful couple!!

Justin somers - Pictures are amazing!!

Donna - Great Pictures – you both look so happy!! Congratulations.

Amanda & Bret {Wedding Day}

Walking through the hotel where Amanda would be getting into her wedding dress, I wasn’t sure where I was going. But the second I walked out of the elevator onto their floor, I just followed the sounds of laughter and excitement. The moment I walked in I was greeted with hugs and excitement that I was there. And that’s just how Amanda, and her friends and family are. They great you with open arms, and are excited just because you are there. They treat you like family. Even though there was plenty of excitement – there was a cool calmness about Amanda. She was ready to marry the man of her dreams, ready to walk down the aisle towards him, ready to embark on their forever. Typically perhaps a little type A personality, Amanda let it all go that day and just enjoyed the day. Even when obstacles arose the smile stayed on her face and she never got stressed. Love was all that mattered.
Enjoy Amanda and Bret’s wedding day!!


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Chantel Sutberry - You are so good!!!! This is a job well done girl!!! Love 10/16

Amanda the Great - I am drooling over those tunnel shots. My gosh! How do you guys nail every wedding so perfectly. I love every single detail. And of course green is my favorite color πŸ™‚

Amanda KRUSE - OOOOOO MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I knew you guys were good, but these are AMAZING! I will never be able to thank you enough for capturing our special day in your own special way πŸ™‚ I hope you guys had as much fun as we did! We LOVE YOU BOTH!

Megan *Bridesmaid* - The pictures are absolutely STUNNING! You had a little help with such a gorgeous bride πŸ™‚ My husband says little about weddings and he has made several comments about how great the pictures are! For the future, we even want to know if you do baby pictures?! We loved having you as a part of the wedding party!

Jenny Hodges - You guys are amazing photographers!!!! I love the tunnel shots & the green is to die for!!

Jenn & Ryan {ENGAGED}

Her close friend Theresa lived across the street from his mom Linda. She’s met Linda several times, and both thought very highly of the other. “I should set you up on a blind date with my son Ryan” she said one night. After some negative experiences with blind dates, she kindly declined the opportunity to be set up with her son. After a on gain – off again battle with breast cancer, Linda passed in 2006. So when Theresa introduced Jenn to “Linda’s son Ryan” while he was home from Decatur IL, he had Jenn’s full attention. She’d always wondered about what she had passed up on, and now upon finally meeting him – she knew she’d passed up something special.


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Carol - Congratulations! I am so happy for both of you. The pictures are beautiful.

Jenn - Karin & Roger,

I cannot thank you enough! These are the best pics I’ve ever taken and couldn’t be more please with what I see ; ) Thanks for making us feel comfortable and having the artistic eye to create such beautiful photos! Just in these few shots, you’ve captured some great moments!

Thanks, again!

Jenn & Ryan

Leonna Baker - OMG!! These pictures are SO good! You two look like movie stars:) Ryan, you’ve been my brother for 8 years now and Jenn, you’ve been my sister already for a few years now, but this just makes it ‘official’. We love you guys. Congratulations! Leonna

Dean DeVries - Ryan is my nephew. Great pictures! So happy he and Jenn found each other. Great job on the photo’s. Great couple!

Kelly & Grant {Wedding Day}

Kelly and Grant will win you over within seconds. She is so upbeat, so happy, so excited for life. He’s calm, kind, and genuine. The combination of these two is such a perfect fit you can’t imagine either with anyone else. It’s as if they were made for one another. The perfect fit. They met at a bowling alley years before, and the road they traveled to get to this day wasn’t perfect, but there was something undeniable between them. Something that withstood time and obstacles. As she read the letter he wrote her and gave to her the morning of the wedding day, he recounted their journey and Kelly cried while reading it to her bridesmaids. Apologizing for mistakes in the past and promising the future of her dreams, she knew this was her forever and the beginning of the rest of their happily ever after she’d been dreaming of all that time. Dreams do come true. Enjoy Kelly & Grant’s wedding day!!


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Susan L. Held - These are the best photos I have ever seen. Kelly – you look fabulous. And I won’t follow that with “you don’t even look like yourself”, because you totally do. Grant is darling and I am so happy for you both.

Dawn Kellerman-Smith - Beautiful, beautiful! I especially love the photos of Kelly being Kelly! It has been a pleasure to be on the fringe watching Kelly & Grant’s story unfold. Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!

Jamie Hustedde - Kelly – You are so gorgeous!! I absolutely love ALL the photos and that video is phenomenal! You were a very beautiful bride!

Bill Bel - Awesome! Wonderful pictures for a great day! Very happy for you and Grant.

The bowling alley made a great backdrop…really nice.

Congrats to you both, B2

Lacey Meyer - Kelly, you are absolutely stunning! It looks as if it was the most amazing day. Fabulous photos Ten Sixteen. πŸ™‚

Melissa Weh - LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos! Such a beautiful and happy couple. Another job well done TenSixteen!

Kelly Evans - I am just amazed at your talent Karin & Roger! These photos, and the video capture the day perfectly! It was such a wonderful day, and I was lucky enough to share it with the world’s most amazing people! Thank you for being part of our day! It would never have been the same without you! Grant and I love you guys!

And thanks to everyone else for the kind comments! It was the best day of my life! Everything was PERFECT! πŸ™‚

Grant Evans - Ditto to what Kelly said! She’s always been the talkative one πŸ™‚ Thanks for the wonderful pictures on our perfect day. Glad I could make history with 10/16 and make you go to a bowling alley for pictures!! πŸ™‚

Rachel Rieger - LOVE these photos! Kelly and Grant – you two are an amazing couple! Thank you for letting me a part of your special day! Amazing photos, Ten Sixteen!

Pat Evans - Great Photos, Great Couple, So In Love, Wonderful Day Love Mom

Amy Smith - I couldn’t agree more with Ten Sixteen photography!! You will fall in love with this couple in seconds!! They are truly a perfect match for one another and Ten Sixteen did an amazing job capturing every minute of it! Thanks Ten Sixteen for posting these pictures of this lovely couple and reminding me of what a great time we had as a family on this wonderful day celebrating two very important people in our lives.

Mike Woodring "Woody" - Kelly/Grant,

What an awesome chronical of your wonderful special wedding. Like I said before you and your friends are such wonderful people and your wedding was a class act. Thanks again so muh for inviting Marti and I. Good luck you guys.

Shelia Beiermann - Kelly & Grant,

Your pictures are AWESOME! I couldn’t wait for them to be posted. You are a beautiful couple and the wedding pictures
show that beauty. The day flew by way too fast, but was so much fun. Thanks for the memories and the fun times. I love you both so much. Thanks also Karin and Roger for all the effort that you put into the wedding pictures to make them perfect.

Steve "Hambone" Hamel - Kelly and Grant,

What a beautiful day it must have been. There are some really fantastic photos here. Congratulations and best wishes from your “uncle”.


Chris Bandre - Beautiful picture. Wonderful day. Congratulations and best of the two of you.

Karen Michels - Oh wow…these photos are AMAZING! Kelly you are sooo beautiful and Grant, you clean up pretty nicely yourself. Awesome photos. You two really are the cutest couple Ive ever seen! So glad I got to be there to celebrate your day with you!

Kim Haselhorst - LOVE these photos! The day was so much fun! I think my favorite is when grant has kelly tipped over and her eyes are closed–taken from above…Kelly=total bliss!! Love you two!!!

Jessica Smith - Love love love all of the pics!! I am so happy for the both of you!!! Love you both!!!

Tim Zobrist - I hope your life together is filled with joy and happiness for the many years to come. Thank you for letting me share your photos with my family. They are great!

Stephanie Kapp - Ryan and Kelly sure make a beautiful couple. Best wishes for a full, happy life together!

Joyce Cannon - Best Wishes Kelly and Grant! Love the photos, especially the bowling alley =) !!!

Christine Juehne - I love your pictures! You guys look so happy! So happy to be a part of your day! The pictures at the brewery are stunning πŸ™‚

Michelle Hemken - These are beautiful pictures!!! I am so happy for you two because you deserve the best and you found it in each other! Love you!

Brooke Hemken - So glad I got to be a part of your special day. Thanks for letting me be miniature bride! Love you Aunt Kelly and Uncle Grant!

Steve Killius - Wow! You guys look awesome and so relaxed. Looks like you threw a spectacular party. The bowling alley shot…a classic! Sorry I missed it. Best wishes for a long, happy life together. Steve

Beth Juehne - Grant and Kelly, congratulations! Your photos look great! So happy I could be there to celebrate with you on your day.

Justin - Kelly you look beautiful! Grant you do too. Thank you for having me be a part of your wedding.

Dallas Kellerman - Photo editor is definitely not needed to make your photo’s any more perfect, wow! Awesome summary of your great day. Keep those smiles going for the next 50 years… Great job!

Carol Teaney - What a wonderful wedding album! The variety of subjects, locations, and colors are stunning! Of course the bride and groom are gorgeous and you’ve done a masterful job of portraying what a special day May 12, 2012 was! Your eye for the unique is impressive. Thank you for such beautiful photographs!

Nicole Hellmann - love the photos!!! great work as always tensixteen! πŸ™‚

Sonia De Bartolo - Congratulations! Kelly, you looked absolutely stunning! Love the pictures and video.

Nicole Alemond - These pictures are fantastic! Kelly you were stunning, but you are always so pretty!!!!
Congrats! πŸ™‚

Renee - Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Love you both

kimberly emig - Gorgeous! !!! Can’t wait to see the link with all the photos. The pictures in Hanks are awesome bringing you both together. So perfect

Brooke & Craig {engaged}

He was hired by her dad to build a shed at their farm. Brooke’s family were switching over their milking system and she got stuck milking cows late at night after all the workers were gone for the day. But she noticed Craig kept sticking around and he offered to lend a hand and milk cows with her. He’d been asking her dad if he could take her out on a date, and he kept explaining she had some other boy she was seeing. Bound and determined to get that date after all, Craig continued to flirt with her while he was working at the farm. He wrote messages to her on a dry erase board and she’d coyly message back. As people started to notice their flirting she exclaimed there was no way she would be dating a guy with tattoos and that chewed tobacco. How could she of known she’d not only date him – but that he’d some day be her husband…


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Lisa Carlson - The picturs are beautiful! What a lovely couple! Best wishes!

Jill S - Love the engagement pics and the story of the engagement even more! Congrats Craig and Brooke! We are so happy for you two!

kirsten meier - This blog is great! Brooke, I love hearing your dating and engagement story over and over. You and Craig are so perfect for eachother. Your big day will be here before you know it, and I can’t wait!
Ten sixteen you did it again. Another great blog. I enjoy getting news feeds on fb from you guys to see all your amazing pictures. You two work as a great team !

Terrisa Reidelberger - Love the story & pics!!! So happy for you guys!:)))

Jo Jo - What great photos of an amazing couple! So happy for both of you and your happiness shows in the pictures! Love you both! πŸ™‚

Kayla Timmermann - LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!!! you both look amazing!! Cant wait for the wedding πŸ™‚

Lisa Kuhn - Roger & Karin,
The photos are amazing! I really love the Cardinal jerseys! I love the engagement story! Great job and what a cute couple!

Rita Ratermann - So happy for these two…the pictures are GREAT…way to capture their true love and excitement!

Lynlee Barnhart - The pictures are beautiful! Cute little love story, best wishes!

alicia - You two did an excellang job on your engagement photoshoot. I can’t wait to see the rest of them!

regan - Congrats Brooke, the engagement pics turned out nicely!

Rita Jansen - Love the pictures. Good job enjoy picking them out!!

Denise - Great pictures Brooke & Craig!!! Best Wishes!!!!

Gail Tebbe - Your engagement pictures are really cute! And I really like your engagement story. Very Cute couple!

Gail Tebbe - Your engagement pictures are beautiful! Your engagement story is really cute. Very cute couple!

Vita - Your pictures are really cute & I love a great love story….how sweet!

Holly - You guys look so GREAT cant wait for the BIG DAY!!!!!

Stephanie Douglas - Absolutely beautiful couple. I wish you to have many years of happiness and love.

heather - So Happy for both of you. Your pic. are AMAZING!!!!!!!! and your story was so cute!!!

Carrie - Amazing!! Can’t wait for the big day:)

larissa jacob - the pictures are so cute! you guys look lovely, can’t wait for the wedding πŸ™‚

Pam Buehne - Beautiful pics! You two make a really cute couple! Congrats!

Margo Steinlage - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I’m so happy you found your knight in shining armor, Brooke! You look beautiful per usual. πŸ™‚

Megan Barth - OMG!!! I freaking love all of your pictures and your story is amazing!!! I can’t wait
For your big day!!!!

maxine - Love the pictures you two look great together and very happy. I love the story and I love you both πŸ™‚

Brittany - Love the pictures and the story!! So sweet!!! Your wedding pictures are going to be amazing if they’re anything like these!! Can’t believe it’s right around the corner πŸ™‚

Andrea - Brooke,
Your pictures are excellent, and you look beautiful!. I can’t wait to see you in your wedding photos. Congrats!!

Grace Kenny - You two look SUPER cute!!!! πŸ™‚

Christina Palmer - Awww you guys make a beautiful couple….

Kellsey - Love Love Love these pictures. Totally Brooke’s style!! Looking forward to seeing more and the Wedding pictures in the fall.

Joycie - LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!!! So great to see the true happiness in each of your smiles and your eyes- defintely two people madly in love. I so enjoy reading your story – how awesome! Best wishes to the two of you!!Cannot wait until the wedding – its going to be sooo much FUN and cannot wait to see those photos!!

Brooke - Karin and Roger,

Thanks you so much for everything these pictures look amazing !!! I can’t wait to get the CD and see the rest πŸ™‚

Matt - Your pictures look great! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos

Lisa Meyer - Brooke and Craig Love the pictures!!You’re gonna have a hard time chosing. I’m so happy for the both of you. Craig, I couldn’t be any prouder to call you my son-in-law. You definitly make Brooke happy!!I can not wait for that day to come and you say I do!! XOXO Mom