Shawn & Steve {married}

It was a frenzy of a morning. Hustle and bustle of bridesmaids, and groomsmen, and family. The weather outside was perfect, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping… it was the perfect day to get married! The sun softly shone through the windows of the church, and as Shawn walked down the aisle toward Steve, she glowed. The happiness in the air was palpable. Even though the morning was hectic, even though there was much hustle and bustle, even though hearts were pounding – there was a calm that fell once the two were standing side by side on the altar. It was as if the entire church and it’s onlookers collaboratively exhaled and relaxed. There was no question that this day was meant to be, no question that when this couple promised forever that their intentions were true, and no question that this would be the perfect day for Shawn and Steve to say “I do”. Enjoy the photos of their perfect love – and their perfect day!!!

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Amanda - Oh Karin and Roger! These are incredible. I can’t even pic my favorite picture because they are all so beautiful. From all the details, color of autumn, dress…just everything was perfect!

Trisha & Ryan {engaged}

“Hello. Nice to meet you.” She said upon meeting Ryan in passing at Lucas Park Grill in St.Louis. He knew he wanted more than introductions and pleasantries. He wanted to know her. So the very next day when a random number was texting her and asking her out – upon learning it was Ryan, Trisha figured “why not!”. He didn’t know her favorite food was Mexican, but the fact that he took her to Chava’s Mexican Restaurant was definitely a plus. They talked about family, friends, work, and extra curricular activities, and things went flawlessly. Before they knew it, it was time to say goodnight – both hoping for a second date. And there was a second, and a third, and so on. Until one day, everything would change…

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Trisha - Love, love, love these! Karin and Roger – you did an amazing job once again! Thank you!!!

Matthew S. Wolk - WOW!, Great pics! Shooter, love the shirts…

katie jenkins - I love them all, especially the ones where they (ryan) was laughing. You really captured their happiness. Fantastic shots!

Cambrin Loepker - Love them all!! Especially the bikes! What a cute idea!

john wachter - As Ryan’s Uncle I have to agree with Trisha that these are outstanding pictures. They are an outstanding couple which make for outstanding photos as well.

Kate Frerker - You both look so happy and Trisha you just keep getting prettier!What a great photographer you have.Love all the natural settings.

Eric Tonnies - Great pics really shows ALL the love.What a great photographer!!!

Danielle Mazander - What fantastic pictures, of a beautiful couple! My sister is H-O-T! 🙂 Karin and Rog, you two are awesome, I am so excited to party with you 6-7-13!

Tim Armstrong - Pictures are great!!! But, as his godfather, I want to know why Ryan is riding a GIRL’s bike?

Norma Mazander - what awesome picture . . . love the bikes!!!

Linda Huelsmann - Amazing photos!! You two look so beautiful and so Happy! Love It!

Kayla Vonder Haar - Aww Trisha you look absolutely gorgeous!!!

Elma Garrison - Love these! Bikes=super cute idea. My favorite is the last one where you see more of Trisha and less of Ryan:) jk.

grace - The pics are so cute! My brother is such a lucky guy!

Megan Wilson - Love these photos! One of my favorite couples!

Elaine Behrmann - Hi Trisha! Pictures are awesome! So happy for both of you! Kelsey and Justin had the same photograpgher and their photos were awesome too!

Aunt Elaine

Kayla Albers - Awesome pictures Trisha and Ryan. I love all of them!!

Kelsey Behrmann - Karin and Roger awesome photos again! I love the bikes! Congrats Trisha and Ryan!

Amy Edwards - The pictures turned out great!! Trisha, you look gorgeous! Ryan doesn’t look too bad either. 🙂

Crystal - I absolutely LOVE everything about these pictures! You guys make a great couple! Can’t wait til the big day!!! 🙂

Callie - They all turned out GREAT! Awesome work again by Karin and Roger!

Jayme Crowder - Great pics guys! Of course you had to find a way to be active in your photos….i.e. riding bikes.

Pam Starzyk - Beautiful pics! Luv them all!

Shantel Roberts - LOVE the photos…very cute!!!!

Loren Carpenter - Fantastic photos! Love the colors and the energy. Can’t wait to see you at the game next month!

Amy Petterson - Trisha you look beautiful! You are going to be a stunning bride!! LOVE YOU GIRLIE

Abby & Adam {engaged}

Abby met Adam one night out at a local bar. It was just by chance that they were introduced. He thought he had no chance, but what he didn’t know was that there was something about him she liked. It may have been his smile looking back that initially made her stop and take notice. But upon learning more about his personality – she just had to know him better… and she would get that opportunity.
It started with a simple date at Olive Garden. Either could barely talk they were both so nervous, but after a little while they began to break the ice – and not too long after that first date – they began to fall in love.

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abby - LOVE them!!!! 🙂 thank you sooo much!!

Heather - Love the pictures!! You guys are so cute!! 🙂

Maria Coffman - Great pics!!!!

Jamie - AMAZING!!!! Love them all!

jenna morales - Abby you’re such a beautiful person inside and out!!! The pictures are amazing!!! I wish you and Adam many years of happiness and love!!! Can’t wait to see your wedding pictures you’re going to be a stunning bride with a handsome groom standing next to you!!!

Tracy Quitmeyer - Love all your pictures, just beautiful!

Amanda - Absolutely LOVE them! Can’t wait for the big day 🙂

Kim - Love all the pictures! Can’t wait for the big day

ryan - Congratulations abby and adam!

jessica - LOVE all the pictures! you guys are adorable! <3

Debbie Kalmer - Beautiful Abby and Adam…

Adrienne - These are all gorgeous! I don’t know how you will decide!!

Michelle - beautiful pictures – you are going to make one gorgeous bride!

Jennifer Downey - ABBY AND ADAM ~ I LOVE the pictures! They are amazing just like you guys! The black and white one that looks like you guys are in the rain and adam is kissing your cheek is my favorite! I cant wait for the big day!!! love Jen

Kristen Rakers - I love these :))))) aaaannnndddd you!!!

Laura - Congrats to you both! Pictures are amazing!

Sara - Love them!

Nicole - Love your photos! Can’t believe your big day is almost here!!

Kahiwalani - Congrats Abby! These are beautiful pictures and I’m sure you will be a beautiful bride!

Amy Pahlman - I love these pictures! You guys are so cute together!

Susie - Love the pictures!! Can’t wait for the big day! Abby you are going to make a beautiful bride.

Aaron - Awesome pics guys. Soo happy for you two

Adam Robke - The picture look awesome! Thank you guys for bringing the nice weather that day!

Sarah - Love these photos!! You guys both look great! Can’t wait for the big day :-))

Brittany - Great pictures!!! Hope you win!!

Jamie P. - The pictures look amazing!!! 🙂

Lauren Luebbers - These are absolutely gorgeous!!! So happy for you two 🙂

Kayla - The pics are amazing :)) can’t wait for the big day!

Phyllis Funk - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!!!!

ashley wombacher - Beautiful pics…can’t wait for the wedding…I am sure you will be beautiful

Auburn Davis - So cute! Very happy for you two!

Caitlin - You guys are such an adorable couple and I’m so happy for you Abby!!

Molly - How pretty!!!! Love you so much!!

Mollie - I love the pictures! Beautiful couple!! Cannot wait for the BIG day! Xoxo

LeeAnn Funk - Abby and Adam, you both are such wonderful people who bring love and sunshine to your family and friends. May God bless you both on your new adventure as a married couple. Your pictures are beautiful. Love,
Aunt LeeAnn

Grandma Jo - What a beautiful couple! Love your photos, may God bless, Grandma Jo

Kristi - Awww – how cute!! I love the pictures!

Renee Haukap - OMG!! i love these!!! It hard to belive you two are getting married after meeting at fuehnes! ha. who woulda thought!! They turned out great and i love those cowoby boots of yours :). love you guys!!!

Katie b - Abby! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! You guys are too cute!

Katie - Your pictures are great!! So cute (and definitely represent your personality- I think that’s why I love them the most!)

I didn’t know it started at a simple date to Olive Garden! 🙂 Fell in love over unlimited soup and salad? jk! 🙂 That’s super sweet!

Congrats Abby and Adam! 🙂

Kathy Murphy - Beautiful picture – congrats & best of luck!

Jodi - Many congratulations and best wishes!

Karen Wobbe - Great pictures!! Have a great wedding and marriage!

Susan Walla - Great photos, beautiful couple.

carmen - Congrats to the cute young couple – great pic!

Patti - Beautiful pictures!

Carol - WoW! Beautiful pictures!Can’t wait to see thee other ones!

deanna - congrats abby and adam

Wesley Juenger - Pictures look great! Can’t wait for the wedding!

caryn - Your pictures are beautiful – congratulations!

Coral - Pictures are perfect…..just like you guys.

Cheryl - Congrats Abby and Adam! Love the pictures! BEAUTIFUL!

Mallory Moss - Abbs! ♥ love the pictures! cant wait till April 13th! (:

Tom G - Great pictures! Congratulations!!

Brittany - You guys look great!

Erin & Jason {married}

Many girls dream about planning their wedding. They envision their flowers, and their dress. Plan their bridesmaids, and their guest list. Imagine their groom waiting at the end of the aisle as their daddy sadly gives them away. Their fairytale cannot come soon enough! When Erin planned her wedding she dreamt of one thing – becoming Jason’s wife. The details of all that was involved was not her forte and as for some brides out there, it just wasn’t her thing. And major setbacks didn’t help in the feelings of planning bliss. Like for instance the fact that their reception venue endured water damage and wouldn’t be repaired before their wedding. That’s a major ordeal for a couple planning a wedding, but it’s a enormous deal for a couple who’s wedding is 2 months away!! But they rolled with the punches and reminded themselves that at the end of the day, all that mattered was that they became husband and wife. The rest was just details. Enjoy Erin & Jason’s wedding day – filled with love and the rest of the details!!

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Mary Lou Delaney - I love the pictures, of course, and your words too. This celebration was full of joy and love and your cameras captured it. Tears in my eyes(again).

Erin Asher - Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Slideshow is so much fun and the pictures are wonderful!! We have lots of empty picture frames just waiting for them!

Sara Savat - These pictures are amazing! Erin and Jason: your wedding was so beautiful. Congratulations! I hope you’re enjoying life as newlyweds!

Kelsey & Justin {engaged}

Her cousin went on and on about this guy he was friends with named Justin, and how Kelsey should meet him because he was certain they’d hit it off. The opportunity finally presented itself and Kelsey distinctly recalls her initial reaction being “Who is this super annoying guy?” He however believes it was love at first sight. However annoying he may have seemed didn’t matter, because Kelsey had a boyfriend so she never gave it a second thought. Time passed and and Kelsey eventually became single, and then one day Justin showed up on her front door step, and now 7 years later – they’ve been together ever since.

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Bill Dunning - I think the photos turned out great. You did a great job!!

Audrey Lee - Love the pictures! Miss you both!

Elaine Behrmann - Kelsey and Justin these photos are beautiful! So happy for both of you!!

Kelsey - Karin and Roger-These photos are amazing and I can not thank you guys enough! I can’t wait till our wedding!

Trisha Tonnies - Another awesome photo shoot! Love the pics – especially the tunnel one! Congrats to Kelsey and Justin!

Justin Ritchhart - Great pictures! So happy for the two of you! I’ve had the opportunity to be great friends with the 2 of you since freshmen year of college and can’t wait to be a part of your special day!

Nancy Dunning - Beautiful…..Just like the two people in the pictures!

Liz Werkmeister - Love the pictures and love the two of you! This next year will be filled with many memories with the both of you. I can’t wait to be part of your big day 🙂

robin hummert - Love these pictures,so happy for the both of you.Miss both of you guys alot,come back to Q.U. and vist me.

Brittany Casey - Love all your pictures! You two look so happy! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!!

Jessica Gericke - The pictures are absolutely beautiful, I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!! Kelsey you look gorgeous, oh I guess you do too Justin 🙂 So happy for you two, and so excited to be apart of your wedding day!!! love ya’ll.

Stephanie Haller - So glad Kels was able to keep her eyes open lol!!! Love the pics!!!

Ben Behrmann - Great pictures!

Richard - You guys look great. Really, these are great pictures! Good job Dunning.

Justin Dunning - Pictures look great! Probably because I carried us through with my good looks. Doubtful but Kelsey looks amazing. Can’t wait to work with you on the wedding day!

Marilyn Quitmeyer - Awesome pictures of you both. You make such a cute couple…Justin so handsome and Kesley so beautiful! I am so happy for you and pray that God will bless you with a long happy life together. Love you both!

Caitlyn Dunning - Beautiful pictures!! Kelsey you look gorgeous, and Justin I have to say you look handsome as well. Can’t wait to help celebrate with you, and your future together! Great job TenSixteen!!

Judy Alberternst - Beautiful photos! You two make a beautiful couple. Wishing you both a bright and happy future together.

Jill Martin - Great pics!

Pam Martin - Awesome pictures! Great looking couple!

Maryanne Martin - Beautiful photos! Can’t wait until the big day, you guys make a lovely couple…Kelsey will make a wonderful addition to our family

David Martin - Great photos! Cute pooch, you guys make such an adorable couple

Shelly - I LOVE them all!

Scott - Awesome pictures, great job

Larry Sartin - Nice, you guys look really good. Good luck with everything

Kathy Klucker - Awesome pictures!

Lisa Kuhn - Kelsey – your pictures are beautiful! Karin & Roger – great job!

Brett Zurliene - I am happy for you both, the pictures turned out great! Kelsey, I don’t know how you got Justin to clean up so well for these pictures..Normally he is in a dirty baseball uniform..haha. Have fun and enjoy the planning!

Royce Duncan - Great pictures! Congrats again

Jon Myers - Very nice pictures Justin and Kelsey! Photographer did a great job!

Chris Conner - Great pictures very fortunate to be able to celebrate the big day with both of you guys. Congrats!

Rob Schmittgens - Great pictures! Really excited for you guys!

Gordy Gundaker - Congrats Dunning! WIsh both of you the best!

Alex Guthrie - So glad you got those dark jeans justin, it made all the difference!!!!

Luke Pakosta - I’m incredibly happy for both of you. Can not wait to celebrate your day with you two.

G.W. - Very Nice!

Tyler - Awesome pics guys! Congratulations!

Kyle Kohlbrecher - These Pics look great. If justin was better looking it would be nice but on a serious note they turned out very well especially the ones on the steps.

Jacob Sopiars - Congrats Guys!

Julie Boeschen - The pictures are so wonderful of the two of you and the Boeschen’s are looking forward to your special day on October!!
Hawk looks like he was a good puppy that day!!

Debbie Cummings - Rick and I really enjoyed your pictures. We wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing!!!

Jeremy RUPPEL - Best I’ve seen!! Congrats and Best Wishes!!

Cheryl Dias - Great pictures! Congratulations to such a cute couple!

Julie Boeschen - Beautiful pictures Kelsey and Justin!! The Boeschen family is so happy for the both of you and looking forward to your special day in October 2013!!

Bill - Wonderful pictures!! Even Hawks looks ready to go!!! Cant wait for the wedding!!

Mike-Cindy Shaw - Awesome pictures!!

Lauren - These pictures are really good! Can’t wait for next October!

Gina - Awesome pictures you guys!

Paige - Can’t wait for the wedding!

Cliff - Look Great!

Marianne - Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple!

Judy Weber - Pictures are great! Thanks for sharing.