Nicole & Eric {married}

Every wedding is unique. The things being different are based around the personality and presences of a couple. One couple may like something formal, while one may like something rustic. Some may choose an edgy theme completely different from anything done before, while some may embrace time honored traditions and keep it traditional. While one bride may choose bright vibrant colors, another may choose muted neutral tones. There are so many ways each wedding day differs, but at the same time there are many ways they are similar. While Nicole & Eric had some unique touches to their day that we’d never seen before, as well they had the quintessential wedding day elements that turn a normal Saturday, into the wedding day of a couple’s dreams. Enjoy Nicole and Eric’s day.

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Nathalie H. {H.S. Senior}

When we met Natalie last year at her brother’s senior session I immediately said to Roger “they better call us back when it’s his sister’s turn!” and thankfully – they did!! Natalie has an amazing look, can work the camera like a pro, and is a complete head turner – yet she’s humble, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and is the quintessential girl next door beauty queen. Natalie braved through the cold morning with us and she made our day with her mad modeling skills and her sweet personality. Enjoy a few from Natalie’s Senior Session!!

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Aray - Janice Gindel – Carol, you must be on Cloud 9!!! Your grandchildren are soolooo precious, the pics are outstanding!! Love the one of Baby Jack smiling while his Dad is holding him & Casey kissing Jack!! Love them all, sending lots of love & congrats to you & Jr., and Phil & Meg!! Dave & I are so happy for you, God bless!!

Brianne & Jonathon {engaged}

“Who is this guy sitting at our table?” she wondered. Both Brianne and Jon are shy, so the fact that they actually ended up talking was somewhat of a miracle. They talked about people they both knew, and talked the night away. She can’t say wether it was the cocktails or being caught up in the moment, but as he was leaving she grabbed his phone, entered her number, and told him he better call her. Her friends watched her in disbelief. He can’t say wether it was the cocktails or being caught up in the moment as well, but when he got out to his car, he immediately called her. The rest, is history!

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Brittany S - Brianne & Jon…These are AMAZING! I can’t wait to see more! You two are so cute together, and look great in these picture. Brianne you are going to be a beautiful Bride, and I can’t wait to celebrate your special day with you guys next July.

Christine Juehne - Love the pictures! You guys look awesome!! All pictures on the steps are my personal fans 🙂

Laura Ryterski - Love the pics Brianne and so happy for you and your man!

Renee Ryterski - I love all of the pictures, Brianne! So gorgeous….I cannot wait until 7.13

anthony thoel - the best thing ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy Konkel - Great photos—you two are so cute together!! Can’t wait for the wedding in July.

Laura Ryterski - Love all your photos Brianne! Best wishes to you and your man!

Fran Windler - I never get tired of reading how ya’ll got together. Pictures look amazing

Cindy Konkel - Good Luck

Amanda - Love the pics! So excited for you two!

Donna Short - Brianne–absolutely beautiful pictures. The colors and setting are perfect. You are a very lovely couple. Wish you all the best.

-Donna Short

Beth Twenhafel - Beautiful photos!

Mary Degenhardt - I absolutely love these pictures! They turned out really great!!

Tara Ryterski - Love love love all of year pictures!!! They really portray how happy you two are together 🙂 can’t wait to help you both celebrate!

Tiffany - Pictures are beautiful!!! I cannot wait to celebrate with you guys on your big day and get to see all the awesome wedding photos!

Maggie - Congratulations!! You guys look amazing and so happy!

Kristin K. - These are gorgeous Bri Marie and Jon! Love them all!

Shanna Deiters - Absolutely love the pics! They turned out great!

Ashley T. - You 2 are SUPER adorable! Love ALL the pictures! Can’t wait for the wedding!!!

Brianne Moeller - I am in absolute love!!! Karin and Roger you guys did a fantastic job, I cannot wait to see the rest!!!

renee ryterski - I absolutely love all of your pictures Brianne! I cannot wait for 7.13!

Maggi L - Sooo adorable!!!!

Connie Moeller - Great pictures! Somethings are just meant to be, as are the two of you. July will be here before we know it!! Love You!

Karen Blumhorst - the pics are great! I loved them! Of course I got a little teary eyed….. love you two

Patty Harre - Congratulations! The pictures are great and you two look so happy! I am very happy for you!

Allie Borowiak - There are so cute Brianne! I cannot wait to see more!! I am so happy for you both and you deserve the best…I wish nothing but BEST WISHES always and forever and I cannot wait to help you celebrate your big day with you in July!!! Love You! <3

Katie G - Great Pics Jon and Brianne!! You both look great and extremely happy!

Tammy Ryterski - Beautiful pictures Brianne and Jon they are great, can’t wait for July, it will be here before we know it!

Jennifer Moeller - I love love these photos! They did an amazing job. I cannot wait to see all of them. I am also super excited for July! I can’t wait to be apart of my big sister’s wedding! 🙂

Nicle Heberer - Beautiful pictures! Good luck picking!

Shari schorfheide - Brianne, These pictures turned out great! You and Jon are such a cute couple. I bet you can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

Shana - Brianne, absolutely love all these photos! They all turned out great. Can’t wait to celebrate your big day with you!

Breanne Pelker - Love the pictures they are sooo good! So happy for you and Jonathan!

Marlene - Cute couple. Can’t wedding for July 2013!!!!!

Kami Heck - We both really enjoyed the pictures and the narative. You both look great!!

Kami Heck - Outstanding!!! Brianne we love the pictures. Charlie was gonna put something really corny & funny on here but he chickened out so all we have to say is your pictures look awesome – good job kids!


Shawn & Steve {married}

It was a frenzy of a morning. Hustle and bustle of bridesmaids, and groomsmen, and family. The weather outside was perfect, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping… it was the perfect day to get married! The sun softly shone through the windows of the church, and as Shawn walked down the aisle toward Steve, she glowed. The happiness in the air was palpable. Even though the morning was hectic, even though there was much hustle and bustle, even though hearts were pounding – there was a calm that fell once the two were standing side by side on the altar. It was as if the entire church and it’s onlookers collaboratively exhaled and relaxed. There was no question that this day was meant to be, no question that when this couple promised forever that their intentions were true, and no question that this would be the perfect day for Shawn and Steve to say “I do”. Enjoy the photos of their perfect love – and their perfect day!!!

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Amanda - Oh Karin and Roger! These are incredible. I can’t even pic my favorite picture because they are all so beautiful. From all the details, color of autumn, dress…just everything was perfect!

Trisha & Ryan {engaged}

“Hello. Nice to meet you.” She said upon meeting Ryan in passing at Lucas Park Grill in St.Louis. He knew he wanted more than introductions and pleasantries. He wanted to know her. So the very next day when a random number was texting her and asking her out – upon learning it was Ryan, Trisha figured “why not!”. He didn’t know her favorite food was Mexican, but the fact that he took her to Chava’s Mexican Restaurant was definitely a plus. They talked about family, friends, work, and extra curricular activities, and things went flawlessly. Before they knew it, it was time to say goodnight – both hoping for a second date. And there was a second, and a third, and so on. Until one day, everything would change…

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Trisha - Love, love, love these! Karin and Roger – you did an amazing job once again! Thank you!!!

Matthew S. Wolk - WOW!, Great pics! Shooter, love the shirts…

katie jenkins - I love them all, especially the ones where they (ryan) was laughing. You really captured their happiness. Fantastic shots!

Cambrin Loepker - Love them all!! Especially the bikes! What a cute idea!

john wachter - As Ryan’s Uncle I have to agree with Trisha that these are outstanding pictures. They are an outstanding couple which make for outstanding photos as well.

Kate Frerker - You both look so happy and Trisha you just keep getting prettier!What a great photographer you have.Love all the natural settings.

Eric Tonnies - Great pics really shows ALL the love.What a great photographer!!!

Danielle Mazander - What fantastic pictures, of a beautiful couple! My sister is H-O-T! 🙂 Karin and Rog, you two are awesome, I am so excited to party with you 6-7-13!

Tim Armstrong - Pictures are great!!! But, as his godfather, I want to know why Ryan is riding a GIRL’s bike?

Norma Mazander - what awesome picture . . . love the bikes!!!

Linda Huelsmann - Amazing photos!! You two look so beautiful and so Happy! Love It!

Kayla Vonder Haar - Aww Trisha you look absolutely gorgeous!!!

Elma Garrison - Love these! Bikes=super cute idea. My favorite is the last one where you see more of Trisha and less of Ryan:) jk.

grace - The pics are so cute! My brother is such a lucky guy!

Megan Wilson - Love these photos! One of my favorite couples!

Elaine Behrmann - Hi Trisha! Pictures are awesome! So happy for both of you! Kelsey and Justin had the same photograpgher and their photos were awesome too!

Aunt Elaine

Kayla Albers - Awesome pictures Trisha and Ryan. I love all of them!!

Kelsey Behrmann - Karin and Roger awesome photos again! I love the bikes! Congrats Trisha and Ryan!

Amy Edwards - The pictures turned out great!! Trisha, you look gorgeous! Ryan doesn’t look too bad either. 🙂

Crystal - I absolutely LOVE everything about these pictures! You guys make a great couple! Can’t wait til the big day!!! 🙂

Callie - They all turned out GREAT! Awesome work again by Karin and Roger!

Jayme Crowder - Great pics guys! Of course you had to find a way to be active in your photos….i.e. riding bikes.

Pam Starzyk - Beautiful pics! Luv them all!

Shantel Roberts - LOVE the photos…very cute!!!!

Loren Carpenter - Fantastic photos! Love the colors and the energy. Can’t wait to see you at the game next month!

Amy Petterson - Trisha you look beautiful! You are going to be a stunning bride!! LOVE YOU GIRLIE