A Year In Review: Part 2

We gained a ton of new friends in 2012! Every year, we get to be a part of individuals lives for a day. Be a part of their family, their friends, their closest peeps. It’s impossible to not feel honored to have 2 people trust you enough to let you be a part of this. We walk away from every wedding with new friends and family, but we owe that to the bride and grooms who give us the opportunity to be a part of who they are for a day.

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Lindsay Anglin - We love you 10/16!! By far the best photographers ever!

Alison - Whooop whoop! Pretty pretty photos. And can’t wait to see more where that teaser came from! <3


A Year In Review: Part One

This is going to sound crazy, but there really is a way to time travel. It’s done fairly easily actually. All you have to do is go through old photos and presto – you’re taken back in time. You can almost smell the air, feel the temperature, and experience that exact moment again just by looking at an image. It’s truly remarkable.

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Chantel Sutberry - You guys look like you have so much fun!! I love 10/16!

Annie & James {engaged}

It was almost a year ago to the day. Thought to be a normal weekend visit, Annie hopped on a plane to see James for the weekend – not knowing she’d return engaged! The two had met by chance at an Adult National Volleyball Tournament. After literally bumping into one another the two hit it off immediately. Proximity didn’t phase them as they continued to date while living states apart. So that weekend visit to New York just seemed like the others.

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Jenn & Ryan {married}

Jenn & Ryan planned a wedding for mid November knowing that with St.Louis weather as a factor – it could be snowing or it could be sunny. With many of their friends traveling to be there, they’d hoped the weather would cooperate. A private couple, they initially wanted a destination wedding with a private ceremony free from stress, so they hoped their day would go smoothly and without any mishaps. They couldn’t have know the weather would end up being in the high 60s with a warm southerly breeze, or that their wedding day would go so smoothly it was flawless. They couldn’t have known that guests would whisper to one another that it was the most amazing wedding they’d ever been to, or that even though their wedding wasn’t a private event for two that it would feel like they were the only people on that rooftop when they danced their first dance. What they did know that this day was meant to be, that this wasn’t the beginning of their bond because that was already stronger than any vows could depict. That the person standing before one another was their forever. Enjoy Jenn & Ryan’s official beginning to forever.

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Jenn - Roger & Karin, thank you so much for capturing our most important moments with your amazing talents. It was definitely an unforgettable night in November! I can’t believe the pre-wedding photos hardly show how windy it was that day. Thank you so much!

Callie & Brent {engaged}

They grew up in the same small town. One of those quintessential small towns where everyone know everyone, and there are more cows than people. There are no strangers in small towns, and usually by reasons of proximity – it’s easy to make friends for life. Like Brent and Callie did when they started working at the pool together as lifeguards. Their friendship grew closer and closer through time – and even though the proximity changed, the friendship remained. Throughout college she would look forward to seeing Brent during Christmas break and always looked forward to catching up. One fateful night after getting home from a business trip to Dallas, Callie saw Brent out. They chatted the evening away, and on a whim, he asked her if she would go out on a date with him the next night and she accepted.

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Michele - I love the pictures. Callie, you look stunning!

Caroline Kuipers - WOW…Callie is HOTTTTT!!!

Viddy Harris - These pictures are awesome, even the ridiculously blue eyes.

Callie - Thank you Karin and Roger! You guys do awesome work and we’re so excited about getting to work with you both again soon!

KIRSTY - What beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

Jessica - These pictures are fabulous!!! You guys look amazing!!!


Nicole - Callie you look amazing!! Brent, I guess you look good too 🙂 I’m getting excited for your wedding festivities!

Kelly Cmaidalka - I love the pictures!!!!!

Corrie - The pics look fantastic!

Charlie, Jack, Henry - Looking good!

Vickie Simpson - Looking fabulous, Callie and Brent!

Sarah Simpson - Wow! These pictures are beautiful. You both look so happy and in love 🙂

Donna Hitpas - I love your pictures. You look terrific!!

Donna Yunkus - The pictures are beautiful! Callie will be a stunning bride!

Jody Kimmel - Callie and Brent,
Love your pictures, they are just beautiful <3

Ashley Kimmel - Great pictures, Callie and Brent, you two look awesome.

Jody Kimmel - Great pictures, Callie!

Jill Grabinger - Love the pics! You guys are such a cute couple! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Aunt Jill

Tyler - Congratualtions, Callie and Brent, can’t wait for the wedding!

Kerri Clayton - Love your pictures!

Kristi - Love all of your pictures, you look great!

Greg - Great pictures, Callie and Brent
Uncle Greg

Walli - Love your pictures!

Susan - Callie and Brent,
Your pictures are beautiful!

Keri - Cute pictures 🙂

Tonya - Love the pictures!

Kayla - Love your pictures!

Doris - Callie, Your Aunt was showing me your pictures. They are lovely!

Kyle - Your pictures are awesome. I really like the one with your shoes showing! Great photography!

Christine - Beautiful pictures!

Ronnie - Great pictures, Callie and Brent!

Jordan - Love the pictures. Waiting for a great time at the wedding!

Lena - Great pictures, your Aunt said you were a beautiful lady!

Sue - What great pictures….you both look awesome!

Gayla - Great pictures!

Karen B. - Great pictures, love all the different settings!

Char - Your pictures are wonderful!

Damian - Good pictures, Callie and Brent!

Ben - I like your pictures! Beautiful…….

Elkanah - Callie and Brent, great pictures. Waiting for the wedding.

Joy - Beautiful picture, Callie and Brent!

Toni - Love your pictures 🙂

Sheri - Awesome picture 🙂

Cassie - Beautiful pictures Cal and Brent!!!

Dan - Lookin good Callie!!! (And Brent)

Cindy - the two of you make a beautiful couple

Brian - You two make a great looking couple!

Lindsay - Love ’em!

Julie - Love the pictures!

Damian - Great pictures guys!

Nicole - Awesome pictures!!

Natalie - I love the ones with the metal wall behind you!

Megan - Beautiful!

Cindy Terveer - LOVE the pictures! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!!!

Bridget - Awesome couple, amazing pictures!!! Love you guys!!!

Jana - You are such a sweet couple! Pictures are gorgeous!

LISA - Cute little bio and the pics are beautiful.

Patti Ellington - This is a really great way to share! Beautiful pictures! The last one is my favorite. I am looking forward to meeting Callie. Take good care of each other. (0: Best wishes always. Patti

Aunt Debbie - The pictures couldn’t be more beautiful! I also enjoyed reading your write up. Thanks for sharing!