Ashley & Ryan {married}

The day started off gloomy.  It was raining in sheets and the sky was as gray is it can get.  But you’d never know it walking into the room where Ashley and her bridesmaids were getting ready.  It was absolute sunshine and excitement which must have rubbed off on  Mother Nature, because she eventually gave […]

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Amanda Rickhoff - Amazing photos!! I have one beautiful best friend!!!

Megan Gebke - TenSixteen.. wow!! what an amazing job!! The day could not have been more perfect for Ashley and Ryan and your photos definitely portray that! Also, totally forgot you called her poopy lol..

Rudi Winkeler - Awesome photos!! Gus and Ashley are perfect together and you guys definitely captured that!!! Ashley looked absolutely beautiful!! She’s a true princess!

Kara Voss - Awesome job TenSixteen! These pictures are amazing! It was a perfect day for a perfect couple!

Sarah carney - Absolutely amazing!

Coleen Strieker - You did a great job capturing a beautiful couple on their special day!!

Brittany Davinroy - Awesome job as always! All of these are so good!!

Cortney Crocker - Beautiful pictures Ashley and Ryan..great job TenSixteen!!

Michele G. - Beautiful photos and beautiful bride!!

Jamie Winkeler - Amazing work!!! These are all awesome!!

Jamie Arentsen - LOVE LOVE all these photos?? Awesome pictures!!! You look beautiful Ashley!! Wish we could redo that day all over!!!

Colin - Great pictures

Ryan Goestenkors (poopy's husband) - All the pictures you guys took turned out great! Thanks for everything you guys did. We had a great time with you guys!

Alison Elledge - These photos are all incredible! TenSixteen, you are really talented at capturing every beautiful moment. I love them all!

Kelly Hollenkamp - I cannot figure out what’s are stunning- the photos or the people in then. Everything in them just looks like a fairy tale.
Congrats to the happy couple 🙂
And I really hope poopy catches on 😉

Terri Loepker - These are amazing pics of a gorgeous wedding. Ashley definitely looks like a princess, the wedding day all little girls dream of. Great portrayal of that!

Denise T - WOW….these are amazing! You did such a great job capturing such a beautiful day! Thank You!

Gina Benhoff - Amazing pictures of a beautiful couple!!

deanne - Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Jayla Frisbie - Gorgeous pictures! Everything looks perfect!

Jessica Hemann - AMAZING PHOTOS!!!!!! Ashley you were such a beautiful bride! Great photos!

Alicia Gerstner - Beautiful photos, you did a wonderful job capturing Ryan ans Ashley and the gorgeous couple!! Love them all!!

Danni Winkeler - These pictures are beyond amazing!! They look like something out of a magazine! Just. WOW.

Abby Robke - These pictures are amazing!!! Such a beautiful couple!!!

Tara Benhoff - Absolutely gorgeous!! Ashley you were such a beautiful bride!!

Geri Varel - WOW! Awesome pictures and lasting memories!

Melanie Horstmann - So pretty, great job the whole day!

Katie Haukap - Absolutely stunning! You’re going to have a hard time picking out pictures:) they all are great!

Michelle - Beautiful Bride!!!!

Kristyn & Kevin {engaged}

“We need a chick who can sing for our band to compete in the Greek Sing Competition” Kristyn’s friend said to her on the phone one day during her sophomore year of college. After agreeing to help, she showed up for practice and there was Kevin. His ears gauged, lip pierced, hair long and adorning a few tattoos. She was totally intimidated by his bad boy persona, but she noticed herself throughout the weeks looking forward to going to practices, and staying late after them to sit and talk with Kevin about life. It was just so easy with him, and before she knew it she’d fallen hard. He was very upfront about the way he felt about her and let her know “I know we are supposed to be together, but I will go on with my life and whenever you are ready let me know.” The confidence he had in their future was intoxicating. He did go on with his life, and she with her’s, but he still consumed her thoughts. She knew that whenever she was ready to be with the one person she was meant to spend forever with, all she had to do was walk down the block to him. And one day she did, and never looked back.

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Kristyn - Karin and Roger, you two are the best! Kevin and I were so nervous to have these done, and you both made us feel so comfortable. We had a blast and cannot wait to have you capture the big day!!

Kelsey & Justin {married}

Kelsey & Justin have been in one another’s lives for a long… long time.  It’s a story that dates back more than 7 years, but is as fresh and playful as the very first day.  The couple isn’t overly mushy, and probably a little out of their element being affectionate in public.  One doesn’t need […]

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Kelsey Dunning - These are AMAZING just like I thought they would be! You captured moments that are truly me and Justin and we can’t thank you enough!

Elizabeth Conner - Beautiful pictures!! You can see how happy Kelsey and Justin are in every photo. So glad I got to share in their special day! Happy one month anniversary to the Dunning’s!!


Carolyn Klocek - What a wonderful collection of photographs to forever capture a great day 🙂

Angie Elko - Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous bride and groom! Love the commentary too. It makes the pictures that much more special. Thank you for sharing!

Bill Dunnning - Great job on the photos and the video!!

Bailey Brenner - Beautiful pictures for a wonderful couple!

Doug Rains - Congrats! Great photos and video of a beautiful couple. Happiness for many years to come!

Shelly Behrmann - Awesome pictures!!

Justin Dunning - Pictures look awesome! You were awesome to work with and we appreciate everything you guys did. The slide show was perfect too. Can’t say enough good things about the whole experience!

Becky Gonzalez - Absolutely beautiful! Great pictures and video!

Nancy Dunning - Awesome pictures of an amazing day! Thanks so much!

Ron and Penny Koenig - Sorry we missed the beautiful wedding but have really enjoyed all the pictures.

Cheryl Dias - Gorgeous pictures. Looks like an amazing day for all!

Scott Behrmann - These pictures are very good, love the pictures at the lake

Wayne Rueger - Great photos. Im sure Bill is a proud papa.

Amy Brendel - Awesome pictures!! You guys look amazing!! Love the boutonnieres!

Bob and Dianne Brendel - Beautiful pictures! Wish we could have been there for your special day! Much love, Bob and Dianne

Chris Brendel - Wow! Great pics!

Madison Wetzler - Great pics! 🙂

Dave Kelly - Congratulations to the Dunnings! A wonderful story in pictures. The beauty of the day was captured in the pictures. Mary Kay and I wish you happiness always.

Ben Behrmann - Great pictures!

Maegan L. {H.S. Senior}

Meet Maegan!!  Not only is she adorable, sweet, and just enjoyable to be around – this gal is pretty special.  Maegan’s mom Lisa graduated with Roger and I, and when we were Maegan’s age – Lisa and I were very close friends.  I had the honor to be in Maegan’s parent’s wedding, and I saw […]

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Dondi - What a beautiful girl and of course awesome photos!!