Metropolitan Bride Magazine Photo Shoot

Shortly after our trip to Nicaragua, I got a call from the amazing Dawn Shields who is the editor of Metropolitan Bride magazine.  There was this opportunity to shoot with the famous Bambi Cantrell and other photographers for a opportunity for a spread in the magazine.  I’d need to be on a flight to San […]

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christine - You my friend are a total and complete rockstar!! Extremely proud of you!! and the spread is to die for!!

karin - THANK YOU Christine!!!! I really appreciate that so much – especially from a talented girl like you!!

Joel - yowza.

Brittany - Congrats!! Amazing as always!

Dondi - Karin is the all around bomb diggity! (My favorite saying) So I would say she is the bin diggity Rock Star!! Love her!!!

Dondi - That should not say bin diggity! Geez!

Jami S - AMAZING! What an awesome job you have done creating your own destiny! (Loud applause)

Shawna - AWESOME!!! No doubt that they would pick yours….Your work is never less than AMAZING!!!!

Lisa H - What a cool opportunity, and you certainly did a fabulous job! Great work!!

Lisa - Soo proud of you and all you have accomplished (so far 😉 )! Love you ❤️