WDS is totally rad

We are a Proud VIP Member of The Wedding Design Studio Don’t miss the open house of The Wedding Design Studio! The Wedding Design Studio is a comprehensive studio offering brides complimentary access to an extensive vault of wedding resources including the portfolios of handpicked wedding professionals, each carefully chosen based on their reputation for […]

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Mary - You should be able to find it easily–it’s only a few blocks away from the church Joe and I got married at in Maplewood. It sounds like a great resource for engaged couples!

The Devall Family

Dawn helps us with weddings and has become a great friend of ours.  She and her husband Dave are the funniest people I’ve ever met.  I don’t know that I’ve ever laughed as hard as since they’ve came into our lives.  So I knew a family session with them would be a hoot.  Their first […]

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Dawn Devall - Karin!!! I LOVE them so much! They brought tears to my eyes:) Can’t wait to see the rest of them!!! I’m sharing them now….
We are FOREVER and EVER greatful for you and Rogers friendship! You guys are awesome to work for and we feel as if we owe you the sun, the moon and stars!!! Love you both!! (and Curtis too:)

Dawn Devall - It’s my family, I can comment twice right? I have a question? WHY CAN’T MY CHILDREN SMILE AND COOPERATE FOR ME LIKE THEY DID FOR YOU! Our first family photo session without tears! Brings a tear to my eye;)

Amanda Zika - These brought tears to my eyes and they are not even my family! Especially the 5th photo down when he kids are looking at eachother. That would be a 20×30 canvas in my house if they were my kids! Dawn, your family is gorgeous and Karin I am so ready for our family shoot!!!! Which I need to reschedule 🙂

admin - I teared up after these comments! I’m so touched that it’s the first family photo session without tears. It’s especially meaningful to me because we plan to focus our emphasis more on weddings and seniors so we won’t be taking many more family, kids, baby sessions any more. We know amazing people such as yourselves that have much more talent and patience that these type of photos require. Family, friends, and former clients will be an exception though, so bring it on Amanda.

Carla - I hope I qualify as a “former client”…love the session. What a great family…and…well fall is by far my favorite time of year! Stay gold Karin…stay gold 😉

T Bran - These are priceless! How sweet! Another great job Karin & Roger! Plus, loved the story and you can tell there is a true friendship there!

Michelle Lehan - Dawn – such a beautiful family. The pictures are gorgeous!!

Nicole & Brent’s E-pics

I’m guilty of it too.  The incessant chatter about rain.  I have found this fall to be quite annoying.  Between the non stop rain, the ladybugs (Please – don’t get me started on this), H1N1, and that dang Lady Gaga and her Paparazzi video…I’m downright pissed.  Another for instance – Nicole and Brent’s engagement session.  […]

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T Bran - Awh – these are superSWEET! Another great job! They should just fall in love with them – love how you tell a story too!

clary - I agree with everything about this post, from the ladybugs to make the best of the worst! Adore you:)

Kyle - bowmp-chika-wha-wow with ocf!!!

Dawn Devall - HOLY COW!!! Talk about perfect timing!!!! That is AWESOME!!! Love them!

Kelly Ross - Beautiful couple!! Love you Brent & Nicole!! Love the pics!

Jenny W.’s Senior Pics

I have been very blessed this year to photograph not only gorgeous seniors – but the best all around girls you ever did meet.  While I’m almost twice these girl’s age (ha – that’s not possible.  Wink wink.) it feels like I’m meeting a new friend.  How did these seniors get so mature?  I remember […]

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Jenny - I am so so giddy! I’m so happy with these. I’m still smiling. Thank you so much Karin!

Sue (Jenny's mom) - Karin, these are beautiful. I am still crying. Thank you for everything you did and I’ll be your lookout anytime.

Melissa - These pics are adorable! And where did you get the purple coat? I LOVE IT!

Aunt D - WOW… Jenny is so beautiful. I’m so proud of you. Excellent shots. I want one of each! I love you Jenny.

Dawn Devall - O.M.G.!!!!! These are beautiful Karin! Fantastic! Wonderful! Awesome!!!

ashley - OMG…this girl is fun, beautiful, & adorable all at the same time….and she has the most flawless skin ever! GORGEOUS!!

Mary & Joseph {Wedding Day}

That’s right – Mary & Joseph.  There are many reasons why these two go together, but Biblically – they had it on their side.  These two have a timeless love.  It’s not about the fairytale or unrealistic fantasies – it’s about being one another’s best friend – one you searched a long time to find, […]

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Dondi - Looks like this was a fun wedding! So cool! Love it!!! Fall is my favorite time for a wedding. Good job Karin!

Mary - Karin and Roger, I cannot thank you enough for what an outstanding job you did of capturing our day. I’m sure I’ll be looking at these all day instead of working.

Pamela - great job- mary, you looked beautiful!

Jeanne - What a beautiful bride! Your entire wedding was beautiful. Love all of the flowers and colors. I know you enjoyed every moment. Continued blessings and happiness.

Dawn Devall - Again, unbelievable! And you’re right, that cake was awesome! Loved it!

Cindy Holshouser - Your pictures of this wedding are STUNNING. I am in awe of how many of them seem to be impromptu yet you captured precious facial expressions in unusual ways. Absolutely gorgeous!

Beverly Nash - What amazing photos. Mary you look stunning. I am so very happy for you and Joe and wish you many years of love to come.