Lindsey & Mike {Wedding Day}

After the weather this past week I’ve been constantly cursing the Midwest and my detest for rain and turning the furnace on in early October.  “Why couldn’t I have been born in California – on the coast – where it is sunny and 80 degrees 95% of the year!”  And then I remember back to […]

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Leah - WOW! These pictures are PERFECTLY Mike & Lindsey!!! And could Lindsey be any happier?! 🙂

Pamela - you know how i feel about color touching but man, you totally got it right on the kissy shot! kudos!

T Bran - Hands down – best wedding blog ever – they have got to fall in love with each and every one of these photographs… the bride in front of the truck – love the girls shot, love the ring shot, and absoLUTELY love the Dad and Bride – wowZA….BEST EVER K & R!!

clary - lovelovelove the truck every shot with the truck! Such a beautiful wedding captured so well.

Shannon Ruwe - Everything about this is so perfect! I LOVE the rustic feel of it all- with the beautiful truck, the bright fall colors, etc. What a beautiful day for this couple! Good work K&R!

Amanda Zika - I had to look at this wedding 3 times because it is so darn FABULOUS! That barn and car are so cool. What a gorgeous couple! I love your style girl, love it!


The priest softly spoke about growing old together.  About having that person who knows you better than you know yourself.  The room was so silent while his words resonated with me deeply.  I felt my eyes well up as he talked about… forever.  About old wrinkly hands, about good times and bad, about loving and […]

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Ashley Bywater - Beautiful! Words and pic! 🙂

T Bran - pretty darn SWEET – and it’s even better…..I know what you said are not just words – it’s totally from the heart. I consider you and Roger both lucky to have found that in one another!

Amanda Zika - You melted my heart today 🙂

Dawn - darn it Karin, you did it again! snif snif! Happy Anniversary!!

Megan’s Senior Pics

When did High School seniors become super models?  Watch out world – the girls that are leaving high school this year are knock outs – and my friend Megan here is one of them.  Not only is she a blast to hang out with all day, she’s also smart, has a great head on her […]

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emmy - i love these pictures. megan looks beautiful in all of these. 🙂 i love them!!!!!

Amanda Zika - She is gorgeous! These rock Karin!!!!! I love the barn photos the best. THat location is amazing 🙂

T Bran - Absolutely gorgeous Karin! The photos all really reflect the kind of young lady you describe her to be. Love them!

Brit - I want to know when senior pics turned into these fantastic shoots! I wish I could re-do mine!

Amy Halpin - Karin, coming from a former FFA gal myself…I love the FFA jacket picture next the barn/flag!! She was definitely working it…very beautiful girl!! Love them all 🙂

A Beer Wedding {Brett & Bryan’s Wedding Day}

From the moment Brett and I began discussing she and Bryan’s wedding day – I knew it would be stellar.  Brett has amazing taste (yes, Bryan – I’m obviously talking about in men) and a great sense of style.  With every email I grew more excited for their special day.  I explained to Brett that […]

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Leann Wilke - I love all of the pictures they are amazing. To quote my favorite three year old….”Brett you are so beautiful”

Brett - Karin, Amanda and Roger- You did an AMAZING job..I LOVE all of them and can’t thank you enough for capturing every moment of our perfect day!!! You all went above and beyond and I could not have asked for more…thank you again..Love-Brett & Bryan

Sarah Pingsterhaus - LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!! You guys are a beautiful couple!!!

Kristie (Weh) Beach - Brett,
Your pictures are gorgeous. Your photographer did an awesome job, but it’s all the beauty in the pictures, right? lol
They look great. Congratulations to you and Bryan!

Amanda Zika - Oh my goodness! These are awesome!!!!! And I mean awesome. Brett looks like a model out of Bride. The wedding was stunning and it was an honor to capture their memories. Thanks for letting me a part of it 🙂

melissa - holy cow – AMAZING! All of the pictures are so incredible – what a fantastic photographer – every picture better than the last! A beautiful day forever captured with beautiful photos. Garjus!

Anonymous - OMG those are so AWESOME!!!!!! Does anyone remember the best man’s speech from that night? That was so good I would like to get a copy of that.

Lindsey K. - Brett & Bryan, Your wedding pictures are awesome. Brett, you are absolutely stunning in ALL of them (Bryan’s not too bad looking either) Love all of them! We saw them taking the one in the road with the streetlights and I Knew it would be great! Also, I love your cake topper. Saw it in a magazine a few months ago and wanted to find one for us. Thanks for sending the link! Love you- Lindsey K.

Dawn Devall - These are FANTASTIC!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad pic from you, and with this bride and groom~ not possible! Love them!!!!!

Helen - Karin – the pictures are fabulous, I keep going back to look at the pictures and it brings back all the memories and fun from Brett and Bryan’s wedding day, some tears as well. I so enjoyed having you, Amanda and Roger around to capture all the great moments of the day. You guys did an awesome job

T Bran - Only one word can describe this blog post – A M A Z I N G, the word I use alot when I talk about Karin’s work – and let’s just say – the Bride & Groom did an amazing job on the details of their day….absolutely stunning – love the shots of the bridesmaids from behind with bouquets and the one of the Bride sitting and the groom standing…..always a FAV.

T Bran - PS – Umbrellas rocked!

Gina - Love Love Love the pictures!! Amazingly beautiful!!!

Amy - Absolutely beautiful!! All the pictures are amazing! The photographers all did a wonderful job at capturing the beauty of the day!!!

end of summer

It’s official.  We had to use our fireplace this morning to take the chill out of the air.  Fall is no longer on our doorstep – it is here.  The seasons all come and go to quickly anymore.  I don’t know how catching fireflies and being home by the time the street lights came on […]

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Amanda Zika - What a beautiful post! I already miss the summer air. These photos are beautiful! Thanks for posting this 🙂

Ashley Bywater - No worries…next summer will be a great time!! 😉

T Bran - That was a sweet blog – fantastic pics….

clary - Love this blog post Karin!! And now I’m hungry:)

Tracey - Just wanted to say I really enjoyed looking at your work. Love the bright colors and contrast.
Im offically old to. I to have high school syndrome in my home.
Maybe someday we’ll bump into each other during a shoot.
Take Care