New Website!!!

NEW UPDATE – there are still a couple kinks being ironed out, but the website is launched and the blog link and seniors link now works!  Hope you enjoy our labor of love! It’s taken months, but finally… Starry-eyed has a whole new website!!!!!  I cannot express how much work is involved in designing […]

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Amanda Zika - I am absolutely dying to see it!!!!! I am so happy for you guys 🙂 I love what I can see on the splash page already. Put it up now girl – don’t keep us waiting. Love ya!

Amanda Zika - And I absolutely love the new logo!

Dawn Devall - I am so freakin excited to see this!!!!!!!! Congrats Karin and Roger! You guys are my idols!

Sherree Schneider - Outstanding Karin…you guys are awesome. To bad about the baby photo’s…we just had a new grandson that I would have loved for you to photograph for me. 🙁 I can’t wait to see the new layout and design.

Kelly Reeder - The wedding section looks amazing! The blog & the seniors didn’t take me to the pages.

Shannon Ruwe - Oh Karin! You truly outdid yourself. It’s wonderful! Congratulations!!

T Bran - WWWWWW OOOO WWWWWW – This must have happened right after I last looked – What can I say – it’s totallY amazing Karin (& Roger) I just wanted to write you this quick note so I can go back and check it all out top to bottom, but I love it all – absolutely the most amazing site I have seen in a long time!!

Mary - The new site looks great! I was very excited to see a few photos from our wedding on there. Great job!

Brit - The new site looks great!

Joanna Ray - I love your new website. Can’t wait to see you in a few months for our “family” pictures!!!!!


For the majority of photographers, Jan., Feb., and March are time for a long winter’s nap.  The busy season has came and went and now it’s time to revive and regroup before the busy time starts all over again.  While there is no winter’s nap any time soon in our future, we did have a […]

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Carla - I *heart* Breckenridge…that is where I learned to ski myself. Looks like a wonderful week and well deserved!

Emily W. - Gorgeous pictures! Makes me want to take a vacation there! And of course – I’m even more excited about the blog updates this week. I love me some blog updates 🙂

T Bran - Love this post! Loved the pics! Loved how you talked about your time away from home! Amazing last photo!

~M~ - As much as I loved Mexico, and being warm, this place looks pretty awesome!

Amanda Zika - Oh Karin! These photos are stunnig. Email me the info where you were. I have never seen mountains so beautiful!

Brit - OMG that is gorgeous! I am incredibly jealous! I LOVE Colorado. Keystone is where my fiance and I got engaged last year!

Melanie - I want the “tall tree” picture to frame and hang in my living room! It is wonderful!

Carla & Marcos {Wedding Day}

Marcos was a hardened New Yorker when he came to St.Louis to work for the Cardinals.  Grown tired of the big city life, he came to the area in pursuit of something new and different.  He didn’t come here looking for love, but on the first day of training for his new career, the instructor […]

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Marcos - These pics look great. Carla, you look beautiful. I am so happy to be spending the rest of our lives together. I relive this day every morning waking up next to you. I love you! Wedding party… you were awesome. Looking good. Karin & Roger, you guys are the best and deserve many kudos for the outstanding job you performed and the professionalism you showed. Karin, don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone what you were dancing to on the bus. Heehee. Carla and I are both so lucky to have met you and Roger. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Marcos - Funny how seeing some of these pics brings a chill down my spine just looking at them. Man it was cold that day!!!

Amanda Zika - Once again you nailed this one out of the ballpark (get it ball park – he, he). These look fabulous!!!! Best of luck to the amazingly in love couple.

Carla - I have looked at these so many times today and I still don’t have the words to describe how much I LOVE THEM!!!! Karin & Roger, Thank you so much! The memories you’ve captured for us are priceless!!!!!

Jeanne Venne - Beautiful pictures. A mother couldn’t be any happier.

Wanda Delgado - Awesome Pictures. You both look wonderful together. Many, many, many, many years of happiness and love together.

Dawn Devall - three words O.M.G.