And the winner is…

Nothing like making it suspenseful!  I apologize for the tardiness of the results. The Secret Santa had a very difficult time choosing.  Amanda, Michelle, Linda, Emily, Danielle, Laine, Jennifer, Tamika, Michele, Renee, Dawn, Emily, Megan, Emma, Michelle, Katherine, Amanda, Sara, Emily W. Brea, Gary, and Rainy – your answers were so warm and cozy and […]

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Emma Soland - Well Dang!!! I was soooo hopeing we would win! Congrats to the 2 that did! Merry Xmas to everyone!

Rainy - Oh my gosh!!! Hannah and I, being super competitive, really wanted to win! Yeaa! Photo shoot with Karin and Rog, what a great Christmas presents. Super excited!

Emily W. - OMG -this just made my day and it’s only 7:30 AM!!!!! We are very excited!!!! Cant’ wait until Saturday!!!

Dawn Devall - I think it was rigged! I am totally kidding! Congrats Rainy and Emmy:)

megan - haha Dawn- I just txt rainy the same thing-congrats girls

Nikki Emig - Congrats Emily and Mike. I am so happy for you guys:) Have a blast on Saturday!! Karin will do an amazing job and she makes you feel right at home:)

Vanessa & Brad {Wedding Day}

NOTE – the free session contest is still going on – please scroll down for more info and enjoy Vanessa & Brad’s photos along the way. Will attend ceremony; we don’t like cake – only bubbles. Will attend both!  We love cake and bubbles! Will attend reception; we don’t like bubbles – cake tastes better. […]

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Amanda Zika - Oh wow! This couple has some style! Every part of this wedding is fabulous and unique. And of course the Karin, Roger and Dawn captured every little detail. Karin, I love that photo better than your O.N. slippers too! P.S. don’t let the slippers know 😉

Dawn Devall - It should be illegal to be that beautiful! And the best part about it that makes her even more beautiful is that she doesn’t know it! Awesome wedding!! Everything about the day was perfect! Karin and Roger, i need to carry extra pants for now on, I think I almost needed them after you choking on the creme horn….
These pictures are PERFECT again of COURSE!!!!!!

T Bran - What a beautiful day for them – and beautiful photos for them to enJOY for the rest of their life together. They should be extremely thrilled with them.

clary - I hardly know what to do with myself and those colors!! Love the gray and orange plus the details shots…they are perfection:)

Free Session Contest

I love the holidays.  It just is a great time to snuggle in and enjoy all the season has to offer.  Historic St.Charles MO is always a favorite spot of mine, but on the weekends before Christmas it really brings out the holiday spirit.  The smell of Kettle corn, the sounds of carolers, carriage rides, […]

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Amanda - Holiday spirits in the young and elderly. Giving of time and love. Cuddling with hot cocoa, fires, and loved ones. Overall bringing families closer together.

Michelle - Christmas reminds us that we are thankful for our families even if they have Jerry Springer tendencies. Spending time with who we love the most!

Linda - Showing others what the holidays are all about: Spreading joy, donating to great causes to help others and families in need, laughing, remember good times!

Emily - Christmas reminds me of how much we take people and things for granted. My father passed away in 1999, and Christmas is the time of year I think about him the most. I get extremely depressed during Christmas at times, but it helps me appreciate the people I still have around me even more. Especially my wonderful husband! Love and miss you dad!

Danielle Mazander - Cheesy stocking stuffers (mini-kleenex packs, chocolate coins)
Gaudy tinsel on trees
Christmas ornaments I made in 1st grade
Aunt Bethany on Christmas Vacation
Chocolate-Crinkle cookies

Laine - Sitting on the couch infront of a fire with the tree lights on and my kids snuggling under the blankets watching old chritmas movies

Jennifer Hilling - The holiday season is about giving, loving and spirituality. It’s about spending the time of your life with the people you love. Sharing memories and laughter and maybe a glass a
wine or two.

Tamika - Enjoying Christmas through my son’s eyes…his anticipation for Santa, his love for decorations, & the joy it brings him knowing he is celebrating Jesus Christ…

Michele S. - The pure bliss of enveloping my children in a legacy of tradition and spirit of selfless giving that will guide them on their life’s journey.

Renee - Holidays to me are watching my 2 year old enjoy making all of those annoying Christmas decorations play music (all at once I must add!)

Dawn Devall - That my kids truly know in their hearts why we celebrate it. That’s the best gift ever given and ever received. Hands down!

Emily Ann Bleier - Hope you, Roger & Curt have a Merry Christmas!!

Megan - This year at Christmas everyone needs to be reminded what the holidays are really about….it has been a tough year for many with the economy, so just embrace the love and holiday spirit that surrounds us.

Emma Soland - Christmas!!! The guilt free shopping, lights and decorations, the feeling it evokes leading up to the main day,creating a imaginary world for my son, one word PERFECT!

Michelle - Christmastime: giving gifts.. over-eating.. over-drinking:).. preparing for a new year.. celebrating life.. being with those I love, especially my soon-to-be husband♥.. Snow!

KLott - National Lampoons Christmas vacation, ugly holiday sweaters, miniature gift bows made into earrings, getting to start our own traditons as a new(ish) family, egg nog!

Sara Beer - Stringing popcorn with my mom all night and the feeling of accomplishment six-year-old me got from finally putting it on the tree. Gaudy Christmas ornaments that I made in grade school that my mom was so proud to display. Cuddling with my husband in our new apartment, looking at our first Christmas tree together. Watching my nieces/nephew open their gifts – wrapping paper and bows flying – and that “This is JUST what I wanted!” expression on their face. Driving around with family all night just to look at Christmas lights. And a full 24 hours of A Christmas Story. I could go on…but these are a few of my favorite things about Christmas 🙂

Sara Beer - Oops – I totally didn’t read the 25 words or less thing!!! 🙂 sorry!

Amanda Zika - Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, Christmas is here and it really rocks! Jesus’ birthday and presents galore! Stockings hung and the fire aroar.

Emily W. - The holiday season is –snuggling by the fire, decorating, kisses under the mistletoe, Christmas morning surprises, cheery music, glowing lights, snow, laughter, gathering together – tradition.

Brea - In the husle/busle stopping to reflect:
Past-Cheerished life-long memories
Present-Loved ones here to share them with
Future-New Hopes, New Dreams…New Year

Gary - The best part of Christmas as you might think, is being with family….but needing a drink. But seriously, the best part is receiving gifts. 🙂

Brea - In the husle/busle taking time to reflect: Past-cheerished life-long memories…Present-Loved ones I have to share them with…Future-New Hopes,Dreams…New Year

Rainy - Dr. Suess say’s it best in the Grinch…”What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

Love, Give, Eat, Drink and Be Merry!!!

Amanda Zika - So did I win 😉 ????? The suspense is killing me!

Emma Soland - I agree! I’ve been on here all evening waiting!!!haha

Brea - Who won!! Who won!! The suspense has me on pins and needles!! I have been checking my email and the web site all day!!

Karin - Thanks to all that entered! Your answers were all FABULOUS! Please go to the home page of the blog to see the results!


After spending Thanksgiving with family, many people talk about what they are thankful for.  It’s a great time to reflect on all the things that make this life worth living.  Health, family, loved ones always peak the top of my – and most people’s lists.  Without these things life just wouldn’t be as fulfilling.  But… […]

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T Bran - I am so lovin’ this recent blog! It’s so Karin style! Love all the photos you took, glad to see others bring you treats as well (mine was chips, salsa & diet coke), gonna have to get me some of those slippers, they look cozy – sooooo glad you have high speed internet, lord knows you deserve it and need it. Last – I love how you said “happiness in each event” that says alot. Loved it Karin. Great blog!

T Bran - Oh darn – how could I forget – GOOD job on the closet Rog!

Carla - Love you guys! I am thankful that you came into our lives to help document our big day this past August. Also…I am extra jealous of that closet…mine is pitiful compared to that storage wonderland.

Dondi - Oh Karin this blog is awesome!! I am so jealous of your closet. Makes me want to go home and ORGANIZE!
Well, I am thankful for your blog!!!
Good job Karin!!

Amanda Zika - Love this post and love that closet. Jealous!!!!!! LOL! Please share those cake balls!

Ashley Bywater - Great post Karin! I’m thankful for you too. 🙂

Dawn Devall - Ok, I’m going to Old Navy tomorrow!
All this made me smile and reminded me why I love you for being just who you are, YOU!

Danielle & Josh {Wedding Day}

A year ago when I did Danielle & Josh’s engagement session I said it… I profoundly stated that I indeed had a crush on them.  1 year and several interactions later – it’s much worse.  These two are so charming.  You can’t not fall in love with them within seconds.  Their warm smiles, their soft […]

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Danielle - OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Karin, Roger, and Amanda – you outdid yourselves again!! Thank you so much for these beautiful shots…they are everything I knew they would be and MORE. Josh and I are so lucky to have had you there on our wedding day capturing these moments. I can’t wait to see the rest!!!

Jamie Moll - Truly amazing photos!!! Wow!

Pamela - your fav is mine too! great shot!

Amanda Zika - I was really excited to see this blog post and it is finally here! I knew those car pics would be hot but man, hot isn’t even hot enough. They are awesome! Karin and Roger – I think this was our last wedding this year to shoot together and that makes me sad. Until next year though!

Danielle and Josh – you two are truly amazing and I feel so blessed to be part of your special day. May God bless you a life full of love and much happiness. Love, Amanda

mia - What a gorgeous wedding! The photos are awesome! Everything was perfect beautiful. Congratulations and God bless you with a long, happy life together!

Sheryl Tonnies Plocher - I am in love with you too 🙂 Your photos are amazing!! Starry Eyed rocks! OMG! Seriously…tough choices…buy them all 🙂

Susan Tonnies - OMG! These pictures are amazing, as are the subjects! The comments are so sweet…and genuine. You photographers weren’t there just doing a *job*….you put so much meaning and thought into your work. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!!

Linda Huelsmann - AWESOME!!!!!The most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen!!!!!The most beautiful couple I’ve ever seen!!! You both look like movie stars! And the captions made us teary:)Can’t wait to see the rest…

Kate Frerker - Danielle & Josh,What beautiful memories the both of you created for your special day.Your photographer was awesome!!!

Elaine Behrmann - Danielle and Josh your photos are awesome! You two are truly a beautiful couple! The captions and the scenery, are beautiful, making for wonderful treasured memories for both of you

Elaine Behrmann - Josh and Danielle,

These photos are positivly gorgeous! Such wonderful memories! You are a beautiful couple!

Dawn Devall - I don’t think I’ve ever said this before but I’m speechless! AWESOME!!!!!