Lyndsey & Derek – Part one

Lyndsey & Derek are reaaaly cute.  I’ve seen them at some previous weddings we’ve done in our hometown and always thought to myself – “Boy they are cute”.  Lyndsey specifically stands out to me because she’s always bee bopping around, dancing, and ALWAYS dresses cute.  And then Derek is a little more quiet and probably […]

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Deborah Chandler - Cindy’s boy is a man, and the young lady is beautiful….Good luck

Whittney Lusk - Lynds you look absolutely stunning and sooo beautiful, I can’t wait to see you in your dress walking down that aisle. I’ll cry!

Amanda Zika - I love them already and don’t even know them! I hope I am shooting this wedding with you. THey look like so much fun 🙂

Ashley & Dustin {Wedding Day}

I’ve been getting to know Ashley for over a year now.  We’ve talked about everything from cookie recipes to the fact that winter coats make her feel like Ralphie from A Christmas Story.  Yes, we’ve talked about it all.  So to see she and Dustin’s day finally get here was surreal.  I knew from all […]

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Jillian - Holy Amazing Job! Ashley absolutely freaking gorgeous!! Will post more later… 🙂

Stephanie - You looked GORGEOUS!!! I love you guys to pieces and I love the way the pics turned out…CONGRATS!!!

Dawn Devall - I can actually say I photographed Brittney Spears wedding! Look a like……..def not a psycho like the really Brittney. This wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Karin and Roger, you STILL continue to blow me away with AWESOMENESS!!

Ashley - Karin & Roger – words can’t even express how I feel about these pictures! I knew that you were an amazing photographer, but you & Roger(and Dawn) truly went beyond all my expectations. Thank you SO SO much for capturing such an amazing day for Dustin & myself….and for giving us something to look back at and remind us of the wonderful memories of that day! I can’t wait to see the rest….sheep, welding helmet, jail & all!

Amanda Zika - For the 100th time – this is my favorite wedding of yours EVER! I love all of the photos. You guys are so creative I don’t know how you think of half of these shots. They all rock and I love that sky! And she does remind me of Brittany but a lot more beautiful 🙂

Shannon - These pictures are amazing. You both look great. The ones behind the dumpster are great!!!!!

Dondi - THESE ARE AWESOME!!! She does look like Britney Spears! She is gorgeous. LOVE THE COLORS!!

Sara & Ryan {Wedding Day}

Sarah & Ryan got married on one of those cold October days.  The air was crisp, cool, and luckily the sky wasn’t cloudy!  It was one of the very few days this October where we had sun.  We met Sarah & Ryan through a bridal show in Springfield early this year and they just happened […]

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Sarah - Karin and Roger! The pictures are absolutely A-Mazing!! You guys did such a great job! I esp. love the ones of the married men. The are HILARIOUS! What a fun day! I love how the ones of the first dance turned out too!! Thank so much for capturing all the fun and priceless moments! It is so fun to look back at the day! We can’t wait to see the rest! : )

Pamela - what a pretty wedding! i love the “married guys” shots. too funny!

Amanda Zika - I love, love, love this! I do have to admit that the Starsky and Hutch photos are my favorite 🙂

Betsy Matthew - AMAZING picture!!! I knew they would be incredible… but WOW!! I must say the pictures of my crazy husband are very fitting to his personality! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Dawn Devall - these are too fun!! I love the first dance ones! Actually I Love ALL of them:)

Brenna O. {Senior Photos}

Brenna is one of our beautiful assistants and the sweetest thing you ever did meet.  I’ve known B~ a few years now and feel like I’m responsible for her – as if she’s mine.  When we are at weddings wither her I always keep an eye on her to make sure she’s OK.  She’s cold […]

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T Bran - She is a D O double L – DOLL!

BreeAnn D. {Senior Pictures}

It’s for certain… somehow I get to photograph the prettiest, sweetest girls!  I photographed Amanda’s senior photos a couple years ago, so I was excited when she contacted me about photographing her sister’s senior photos this year!  BreeAnn is alot like her sister – gorgeous and sweet.  And to be consistent, I made sure I […]

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~*Meg*~ - OMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOOGMGOMG. This girl is a totalllll babe. These are SO beautiful. Great outfits…even greater hair. Absolutely totally LOVE these. Way to go!

klott07 - HOLY HOTTNESS!!! Bree looks AMAZING! You know, both her and her sis Amanda are little Harrisons GF’s, (he is quite the ladies man these days) wouldn’t that be a fab picture with all three of them. Great job once again, wouldn’t expect anything less than the best from you!!!