Nicole & Brent’s E-pics

I’m guilty of it too.  The incessant chatter about rain.  I have found this fall to be quite annoying.  Between the non stop rain, the ladybugs (Please – don’t get me started on this), H1N1, and that dang Lady Gaga and her Paparazzi video…I’m downright pissed.  Another for instance – Nicole and Brent’s engagement session.  […]

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T Bran - Awh – these are superSWEET! Another great job! They should just fall in love with them – love how you tell a story too!

clary - I agree with everything about this post, from the ladybugs to make the best of the worst! Adore you:)

Kyle - bowmp-chika-wha-wow with ocf!!!

Dawn Devall - HOLY COW!!! Talk about perfect timing!!!! That is AWESOME!!! Love them!

Kelly Ross - Beautiful couple!! Love you Brent & Nicole!! Love the pics!

Jenny W.’s Senior Pics

I have been very blessed this year to photograph not only gorgeous seniors – but the best all around girls you ever did meet.  While I’m almost twice these girl’s age (ha – that’s not possible.  Wink wink.) it feels like I’m meeting a new friend.  How did these seniors get so mature?  I remember […]

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Jenny - I am so so giddy! I’m so happy with these. I’m still smiling. Thank you so much Karin!

Sue (Jenny's mom) - Karin, these are beautiful. I am still crying. Thank you for everything you did and I’ll be your lookout anytime.

Melissa - These pics are adorable! And where did you get the purple coat? I LOVE IT!

Aunt D - WOW… Jenny is so beautiful. I’m so proud of you. Excellent shots. I want one of each! I love you Jenny.

Dawn Devall - O.M.G.!!!!! These are beautiful Karin! Fantastic! Wonderful! Awesome!!!

ashley - OMG…this girl is fun, beautiful, & adorable all at the same time….and she has the most flawless skin ever! GORGEOUS!!

Mary & Joseph {Wedding Day}

That’s right – Mary & Joseph.  There are many reasons why these two go together, but Biblically – they had it on their side.  These two have a timeless love.  It’s not about the fairytale or unrealistic fantasies – it’s about being one another’s best friend – one you searched a long time to find, […]

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Dondi - Looks like this was a fun wedding! So cool! Love it!!! Fall is my favorite time for a wedding. Good job Karin!

Mary - Karin and Roger, I cannot thank you enough for what an outstanding job you did of capturing our day. I’m sure I’ll be looking at these all day instead of working.

Pamela - great job- mary, you looked beautiful!

Jeanne - What a beautiful bride! Your entire wedding was beautiful. Love all of the flowers and colors. I know you enjoyed every moment. Continued blessings and happiness.

Dawn Devall - Again, unbelievable! And you’re right, that cake was awesome! Loved it!

Cindy Holshouser - Your pictures of this wedding are STUNNING. I am in awe of how many of them seem to be impromptu yet you captured precious facial expressions in unusual ways. Absolutely gorgeous!

Beverly Nash - What amazing photos. Mary you look stunning. I am so very happy for you and Joe and wish you many years of love to come.

Lyndsey & Derek {part 2}

I complain about it sometimes… living in the boonies can prove to be difficult some days.  Our internet is slow, our roads are awful, it’s a hour to the nearest mall…  but a quick glance out the window, a cup of coffee on my front porch, hearing the hum of the combines in the fields, […]

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T Bran - Um….I would have to say that they were pretty darn smart to book this other session with you – love love love it. Adorable couple and amazing photos… luck are they? Very darn luckY! My fav – of course, half shot with the truck! Loved it!

Deborah Chandler - Lovely couple…great pictures

Sherree Schneider - WOW…incrediable photo’s Karin…I love the sunset one too…reminds me of a scene from Gone With The Wind. How fun the pics are in the field at night. You just do awesome photography. We just had a new grandson, I would so love for you to photograph him!

Karin - Thanks Tammy, Deborah, and Sherree! A secret Sherree – the light on the ones laying down in the corn is from my headlights! I’m very sophisticated on my lighting! Don’t tell! 😉 I’d love to meet your sweetie grandson! Call me!

Amanda Zika - Karin these are awesome! That silhouette is gorgeous and I love, love, your OCF 🙂

Melissa & Dan

It’d be an understatement to say that Melissa and Dan are good looking.  They pretty much could be mistaken for models.  Melissa looks like  Barbie.  And Dan – well – on Jennifer & Steven’s post where I said Steven bench presses Jennifer… Dan could bench press Roger.  One handed.  Without trying.  You get my point. […]

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Dawn Devall - These are BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t wait to see wedding pics!

Karin - You’ll get to see it first hand Dawn – you’re assisting this wedding!!

Jennifer Birks - Ok you two are hott together!!! 🙂 I love the sweetness in picture #5… so cute!!!!

Amanda Zika - They do look like Barbie and Ken! I can only imagine how beautiful she will be on her wedding day! Fabulous job 🙂