Sara & Ryan {Wedding Day}

Sarah & Ryan got married on one of those cold October days.  The air was crisp, cool, and luckily the sky wasn’t cloudy!  It was one of the very few days this October where we had sun.  We met Sarah & Ryan through a bridal show in Springfield early this year and they just happened […]

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Sarah - Karin and Roger! The pictures are absolutely A-Mazing!! You guys did such a great job! I esp. love the ones of the married men. The are HILARIOUS! What a fun day! I love how the ones of the first dance turned out too!! Thank so much for capturing all the fun and priceless moments! It is so fun to look back at the day! We can’t wait to see the rest! : )

Pamela - what a pretty wedding! i love the “married guys” shots. too funny!

Amanda Zika - I love, love, love this! I do have to admit that the Starsky and Hutch photos are my favorite 🙂

Betsy Matthew - AMAZING picture!!! I knew they would be incredible… but WOW!! I must say the pictures of my crazy husband are very fitting to his personality! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Dawn Devall - these are too fun!! I love the first dance ones! Actually I Love ALL of them:)

Brenna O. {Senior Photos}

Brenna is one of our beautiful assistants and the sweetest thing you ever did meet.  I’ve known B~ a few years now and feel like I’m responsible for her – as if she’s mine.  When we are at weddings wither her I always keep an eye on her to make sure she’s OK.  She’s cold […]

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T Bran - She is a D O double L – DOLL!

BreeAnn D. {Senior Pictures}

It’s for certain… somehow I get to photograph the prettiest, sweetest girls!  I photographed Amanda’s senior photos a couple years ago, so I was excited when she contacted me about photographing her sister’s senior photos this year!  BreeAnn is alot like her sister – gorgeous and sweet.  And to be consistent, I made sure I […]

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~*Meg*~ - OMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOOGMGOMG. This girl is a totalllll babe. These are SO beautiful. Great outfits…even greater hair. Absolutely totally LOVE these. Way to go!

klott07 - HOLY HOTTNESS!!! Bree looks AMAZING! You know, both her and her sis Amanda are little Harrisons GF’s, (he is quite the ladies man these days) wouldn’t that be a fab picture with all three of them. Great job once again, wouldn’t expect anything less than the best from you!!!

Alicia & Clayton {Wedding Day}

Ladies…go ahead and bring your boyfriends, fiances, husbands to the computer!  I have the most male friendly wedding blog post that I’ve ever had!  Go ahead, I’ll wait….. Hi there.  I know the male following on this blog is probably not terribly strong, but I am feeling like you may actually have some interest in […]

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Amanda Zika - Karin, Karin, Karin!!!! Thank you! I get so excited when I know we are going to be shooting together! Not only are you a colleague but a dear, dear friend. I love you!!!! 🙂

Alicia and Clayton – here is to many beautiful years together! Thank you for sharing your special day with me. You two are amazing and your wedding was perfect 🙂

Love, Amanda

clary - All those Mustangs are awesome!!

Alicia - Karin~ The pictures from our wedding are GORGEOUS!!!! We love them all!! Its amazing how everyone says that the day will go by like a flash. They are absolutely right and I am so thankful that we had you, Roger, and Amanda there to capture all the memories for us forever. We love you all and could not have imagined our wedding day without you:)!!

Nikki Emig - Amazing as always:) I love…LOVE the picture with the clouds. Clayton and Alicia had an amazing day and you captured it perfectly.

Denis Bagsby - Stangs ROCK !!!

Maria - Alicia I have been dying to see all the pictures from your wedding. The preview ones are magnificant and i can’t wait to see more. Your wedding was glamorous and delieghtful. I hope you and Clayton have many wonderful memories together throughout your days.

Jo Ann Heady - Wow. I re-lived the day with this. A mother was never so proud!!
Love Mom

Katie & Jimmy {Engaged}

Katie and Jimmy are no joke with their photo taking prowess.  Not only are they downright hot, they are comfortable in front of the camera.  They are also laid back and cool to hang out with for an evening!  They were down for whatever which always leads to great photos, but keep in mind when […]

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Sarah - The pictures are amazing.

Katie B - The pics are Fantastic. You guys are so HOTT!!!

michele - Pictures are fantastic. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Aunt Jane - Give up your careers and become models. You are both so photogenic. Looking forward to the big day.

Aunt Ree - Oh WOW–these are GREAT pics! I love every one of them.
Y’all look absolutely darling(just like Barbie and Ken).

Katie V - I just love the way they turned out….they are so unique!

Amanda Zika - Love, love, love these! She is gorgeous! I hope I am shooting this wedding with you 🙂