Lyndsey & Derek {part 2}

I complain about it sometimes… living in the boonies can prove to be difficult some days.  Our internet is slow, our roads are awful, it’s a hour to the nearest mall…  but a quick glance out the window, a cup of coffee on my front porch, hearing the hum of the combines in the fields, […]

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T Bran - Um….I would have to say that they were pretty darn smart to book this other session with you – love love love it. Adorable couple and amazing photos… luck are they? Very darn luckY! My fav – of course, half shot with the truck! Loved it!

Deborah Chandler - Lovely couple…great pictures

Sherree Schneider - WOW…incrediable photo’s Karin…I love the sunset one too…reminds me of a scene from Gone With The Wind. How fun the pics are in the field at night. You just do awesome photography. We just had a new grandson, I would so love for you to photograph him!

Karin - Thanks Tammy, Deborah, and Sherree! A secret Sherree – the light on the ones laying down in the corn is from my headlights! I’m very sophisticated on my lighting! Don’t tell! 😉 I’d love to meet your sweetie grandson! Call me!

Amanda Zika - Karin these are awesome! That silhouette is gorgeous and I love, love, your OCF 🙂

Melissa & Dan

It’d be an understatement to say that Melissa and Dan are good looking.  They pretty much could be mistaken for models.  Melissa looks like  Barbie.  And Dan – well – on Jennifer & Steven’s post where I said Steven bench presses Jennifer… Dan could bench press Roger.  One handed.  Without trying.  You get my point. […]

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Dawn Devall - These are BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t wait to see wedding pics!

Karin - You’ll get to see it first hand Dawn – you’re assisting this wedding!!

Jennifer Birks - Ok you two are hott together!!! 🙂 I love the sweetness in picture #5… so cute!!!!

Amanda Zika - They do look like Barbie and Ken! I can only imagine how beautiful she will be on her wedding day! Fabulous job 🙂

Jennifer & Steven

Jennifer & Steven make me feel 80.  They are so young and cute and excited and in love.  Jennifer is really little – like I think I am actually taller than her.  And I just adore her little self.  And Steven is manly and protective and could bench press her I am sure of it.  […]

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Laura Fisher - WOW!! Those pictures are absolutely amazing! You both look wonderful! Now see Steven, wasn’t missing a hunting trip worth it?…LOL

Love to both of ya,


Jennifer - OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Karen and Roger, we love them so much!!! Thank you so much for taking such wonderful pictures! We knew we were getting good photographers but WOW good does not even describe you two! Thank you so much and we cannot wait until September 18th 2010!!!!!!

P.S. Steven wants Roger to know that he killed his first Pope & Young deer at Buckhorn. Cannot believe we are still talking about deer! haha (lucky us) 🙂

Karin - YAY Steven! When Roger gets out of the woods tonight I’ll be sure to tell him 😉 He’ll ask if I’ve seen photos, so if you have one be sure to send them! Glad you love your photos! You two are adorable!!

Pamela - i love the pictures but the zoo!

Pamela - BY the zoo, i mean!

Dawn Devall - These are incredible!! What an awesome couple!

Karin - I knew what you meant Pamela! 😉 It’d be a great spot for a family too!

Amanda Zika - You are rocking these engagment session! You are so creative. Not one looks alike 🙂 Congrats to the couple!

Ashley & Nathan {& Louie!}

Ashley & Nathan have a destination wedding next summer in Florida and we are nothing flat of pumped about it.  (FYI – STARRY-EYED STUDIOS IS AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.  YES, I SAID WORLD.  OK, by world I do mean the nice regions of the world)Not only are we excited for their location, […]

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Ashley Bywater - Wow Karin! You should see my blubbering self right now! (I’m a crier…which you will learn next summer!) These are great! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to get the whole CD! 🙂

Karin - I’m looking forward to seeing more happy tears next July! Don’t you think Louie would enjoy the beach wedding?

Ashley Bywater - Oh I KNOW he would! But I don’t think he’ll be able to go…he’s a handful! We may send him to a nice doggy spa for the week though. 😉

Amanda Zika - What a cute couple! I love that they included their dog too in this session. Great job as always 🙂

Lyndsey & Derek – Part one

Lyndsey & Derek are reaaaly cute.  I’ve seen them at some previous weddings we’ve done in our hometown and always thought to myself – “Boy they are cute”.  Lyndsey specifically stands out to me because she’s always bee bopping around, dancing, and ALWAYS dresses cute.  And then Derek is a little more quiet and probably […]

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Deborah Chandler - Cindy’s boy is a man, and the young lady is beautiful….Good luck

Whittney Lusk - Lynds you look absolutely stunning and sooo beautiful, I can’t wait to see you in your dress walking down that aisle. I’ll cry!

Amanda Zika - I love them already and don’t even know them! I hope I am shooting this wedding with you. THey look like so much fun 🙂