What photographers do on vacation – Part 3

Hi.  I’m Roger.  You hear about me from time to time when Karin makes up stories about me.  I read about things I did or said after the fact and never get to stand up for myself.  And she puts photos of me on Facebook that I don’t like.  I get to write on the […]

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Dawn Devall - Roger, Daphne will love this! She loves your Through Rogers Lens scction! Karin, you didn’t tell me you went topless!

Ruth Gierer - Roger, you did a fine job! Very entertaining! Karin…give him a break…have a little faith in the one you love!

Ashley Bywater - I just have one question…what was the bet? 🙂

Karin - The bet was on the post before this one… if the photo that one the contest was taken by Roger – he got to post his favorite photos and write the blog. If I won – I wrote it. #12 was taken by Roger. He won. He wanted to only post the guy in the thong. He REALLY liked him.

Karin - won – not one

Amanda Zika - I knew when I saw that Roger was going to be posting it was going to be good and I was right. I knew he would have some great people watching photos. Those might be the best yet.

And Roger, I think National Geographic will be calling soon – about the Lizard and nudity pics 🙂

Laura Ranger - Too Funny…I laughed out loud reading the posts. 🙂 Great and colorful pictures…love to people watch! You did a great job Roger.

Jessica Plocher - HILARIOUS! Well done!

What photographers do on vacation – Part two

Part duex – we didn’t let you down – there is more hope for the sleepless. When photographers go on vacation – they photograph.  At least we do.  Maybe that’s lame, but we actually… brace yourselves… enjoy it.  In fact we really try to one up each other – like who is going to get […]

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Amanda Zika - 3 or 8. I about spit out my milk when I read your comment! I can imagine you and Rog coming over and i have have a 16×20 on my living room wall of you on your vacation. You crack me up!

Stacy Parker - My pick would be 12. Love the palm trees with the ocean in the back:)

Mike "Kuch" - My vote is for #12. The trees in front give the picture dimension, and the colors in the sky are awesome. The only thing missing in this picture is the two of you laying in hammocks sipping on a corona. By the way, I was a little disappointed that the couple in the thongs didn’t make list of potential pictures.

Karin - Mike – you just hold on there for Part 3. I think you’ll be very impressed! (I’ll let Roger know you thought it was wall hanger material though!)

Jamie - This is tough. They are all great photographs! But, my favorite is #1. WHY? Because it makes me feel like I am there… And it makes me want to go jump in that hammock!

Jamie - I think I changed my mind to #12. The sky looks gorgeous.

Ashley Bywater - We have a beach-themed bathroom too! I love it and I’ve found lots of things for it. We also have a couple of pieces in it that we bought in Destin last summer.

Ok now on to the picture choice…I love number 1. Just think, everytime you walk into your bathroom, you’ll be taken back to that place on the beach and your vacation with your husband. It has everything you could want in a beach picture…palm trees, sand, water, romantic lights, and a hammock. Beautiful! 🙂

Laura - Okay…I got it figured out for ya! Just make a collage, they are all so beautiful. But if I had to choose, I think I would go with #10 it’s dramatic and still has the color of the sunset.

Amber - I love #7 – I can see the storm coming in, smell the saltwater, hear the waves and feel my toes in the sand. It really makes me feel like I’m part of the picture.

Stacy Boron - Okay, so you know I have to get in on this contest. I love them all but I think #12 is my fav. It captures Jamaica’s beautiful sunrise/sunset and what’s a beach without palm trees. It will remind you how beautiful the view was from the beach! I have a feeling every time you walk by the picture your mind will take you back to when you and Roger where in paradise.

Ruth Gierer - I love them all! But, I think I would choose #4, it is beautiful and would be wonderful to see everyday. I think you could also add to the bathroom anything you want and it will be a lovely background. I can’t imagine ever going to bed less than peaceful and happy with this as one of the last sights of the day. It really looks like you guys had a beautiful trip!

Jada Wilhelm - Well, I love all of the pics but I am really drawn to number 8. I love the color of the sky and the angle of the picture really makes me feel like I am sitting on the beach witnessing the beauty. The thing I love most about the pic is that it gives me hope. No matter when there are clouds, be it in the sky or your life, the sun will eventually shine through. Love it!!

Carla Crowson - I am going totally against the grain and voting for #2, to me it screams white and silver and beach bathroom. Then again I will always vote for a super hot b&w print and say “get your splash of color somewhere else sister!”

John Gaughan - I like #4 !

jami - I say #2 – the drama is perfect. It will go nice with the silver and white then you can use colored accessories/towels. Tough decision…

Nikki Emig - My favorite is…#13 (even though it was really tough). This picture reminds me of why I sit on the balcony or beach and just stare at the beautiful scenery. I would just love that in a bedroom…you can drift off and image yourself there whenever you want to:)
I also think you should do something with #14 and add the saying “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” near the pictures. I would love to win this one of my favorite photographers kissing and post it in my house:)

Laura Revelle - So I choose #6. I love the thunderstorm coming in and the sailboat. I found myself looking at this one the longest and thinking about how much I want to be on a beach and watch the thunderstorms. I honestly thought of the wind and the smell of the salt air as soon as I saw this one and thought how great it is to watch lighting on the horizon and all the great seashells that wash up after a really good thunderstorm.
Plus I think that it would look great up against a gray wall. 🙂

ashley t. - so, I have to go with Carla and vote for # 2…i’m totally a black & white girl. well..let me clarify…i’m a white girl, but totally a fan of black & white pictures! it never goes out of style, matches any theme, and the color scheme of your bathroom can be changed at anytime without having to change the picture. That’s my opinion from a decorating standpoint…..not my deep, staring out into the crashing waves, philosophical standpoint ;). And i think you should throw a little sand on the floor to finish off the theme too…that way you never have to sweep..you can say it’s part of the theme!

Jessica Heuer - I love #4! It is such a unique beach picture. It definitely makes me want to immediately book a vacation to a tropical location! It looks very serene and romantic! With all of these different votes you may have to do a picture collage in the bathroom 🙂

Michelle - Obviously they are ALL gorgeous! (even those lovers on the beach.. :)) and make me want my honeymoon to get here immediately! Speaking of which, can you come along on our honeymoon too and take pictures of us all week? Thanks.

My vote would have to be for #1, because my all-time favorite thing to do is take naps on the beach and that hammock is calling my name! Reading a book till I fall asleep and listening to the waves is heaven to me… And those blues in the sky and ocean are absolutely beautiful and would compliment ANY room!

Dorri Louden - Wow! This was hard. I narrowed it down to 9 or 12………. But 12 is the winner 🙂 I love them all.

Dorri Louden - My choice is #12- I love how the trees are black which makes the sky pop! The sky has such beautiful colors in it. It is a very relaxing photo that would look great by your tube to look at while relaxing in a bubble bath!! 🙂 Great pictures love them all.

Karin - Jamaican me happy with these awesome responses! You all have such wonderful reasons why we should use each photo! I think I’ll need to print the responses out and put them on our wall too!

Jessica Plocher - #12. They’re all so awesome, I’m happily surprised to see lots of others picked that one too!

Emily W. - My vote is for #10 – Not only is it a great picture to capture the essence of the island, but it’s also not your typical beach picture. You still have the ambiance of being on the beach, but the way the palm tree appears black against the colors of the sky is breathtaking. The way you have taken this picture definitely captures all the beach has to offer in a truly unique sense of style.

Jessica - Karin…I love them all and they bring back such wonderful Memories…but since i have to choose one i would go with #9 This was one of our favorite things to do while we were their was lay in the hammock and talk about everything under the Sun and just watch the stars it was so peaceful…cheesy I know!! =) Would love to see your room after its done…you will have to post pics…I’m sure it will be beautiful.

Emilie - I like #10, it is soothing and artistic! It is a very unique picture and captures the beachy feeling.

Brett Beer - I love them all…but for bathroom art I am going with #2. I love the simplicity of it and it will go with anything you decide to do. It makes me feel like I am laying in the sand staring up at the beautiful view. They all make me want to go back on vacation 🙂

What photographers do on vacation – Part one

I realize you just were stricken with a overwhelming rush of goosebumps when you read the words “Part One” – inferring that there would be several installments of our riveting vacation photos.  If Ambien doesn’t help your sleep – brace yourself for part two and three. Surprisingly – we do actually get numerous requests to […]

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Laura - You are too funny! You and your camera are one of a kind..gotta love it!

Sherree Schneider - Karin…your cute quotes for each of the photo’s are about has fun to read as the pictures are to look at. I find myself…laughing, then going awwwww when I see the next photo. It’s like I’m on an emotionally rollercoaster….so much fun! Awwww….ohhhhhh…..ahhhhhh….ha ha ha ha….awwwwww….ohhhhh….ha ha ha. You get the idea. LOL

Sherree Schneider - See…I’m so confused from the emotions that I made mistakes in my spelling above…that should have been “as” not Has…and emotional…not emotionally. I even proof-read it before posting, and still missed the spelling errors. It must be from all the goosebumps I have waiting for your next installment. It’s like waiting for the new Twilight Eclipse movie to come out, I’m on pins and needles here. LMAO

Karin - Thanks for joining me on the ride! It’s a joy to get to share it! I’m sure not everyone shares in my sense of humor, but I’m not writing it for them anyway am I? Life is too short to not have some fun! I’m glad you’re having fun with me!

Amanda Zika - Oh I love all of these. It reminds me that I am long due for a vacation. This place looks perfect! But I am like you, the hamburgers and people watching are just so appealing but being romantic every once in a while definitley adds spark to a marriage 🙂

Stacy Boron - wow this place looks familiar 😉 We should have postponed our honeymoon so we could have gone with you!

Ashley Timmermann - I sure hope you got their email addresses to sahre those AWESOME pictures w/ them! They will be ‘framers’ forSURE!!!

Engagement Sessions {Ten-Sixteen Style}

We could have never anticipated the flood of excitement surrounding the recent launch of The Ten Sixteen Project – our new option for clients wanting a scaled down version of our Combo Package.  We are so thrilled to have the response we have had from it. Thank you to all of you who booked this […]

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Laura Ranger - very nice!