Evan S. is 1!

Some people may recognize the grown ups  in these pics from their engagement and Wedding Photos in 2007.  Laura and Nate were a sweet couple and it was so fun getting the opportunity to document another happy day as their family grows!  Meet Evan… Evan, I keep telling people how funny I am, but no […]

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Amanda Zika - What a sweet family! I love the last photo. That is a must in a family shoot. I always loved my parents to swing me as a child. You are also lucky I wasn’t drinking anything when I read your last line. I think my pretty Mac would have had soda all over it! As always, wonderful job!

T Bran - Karin, those are some pretty SWEET family photos – what an adorable child and I love his serious look! Great job! Yep! I remember stalking your page to see how good you were (and was I blown away)- and I so remember this couple on their engagement and wedding – so nice to see them happy and with their first child. Keep up the great work!

T Bran - PS – I have to be honest here and say that I read your last line TWICE. Ha – you crack me up!

klott07 - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! Can’t wait for Harrison’s 1st birthday so we can do something fun like this!

Lindsey’s Birthday (the 5th one)

I was an awkward little girl.  Big glasses.  Dorky if you will.  I was not into super girly things.  I didn’t have cute hair things, and wasn’t allowed to wear fingernail polish.  (no my parents weren’t Amish, I have no clue why that was a “bad idea”)  On my 5th birthday, I got a bike.  […]

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T Bran - OMG – I am loaded with GOOSEBUMPS – not only were the photographs SWEET – love how you told the story and what her little friendship has brought into your life. You are so lucky to have such great clients….that become friends…..and our connection is a little backwards too, we became friends and will soon be your client! Such preciosu photographs this little girl and her family have to cherish – forever. Love it. Love it. Love it.


T Bran - Ok – this is it! Ya gotta love PINK!

Amanda Zika - My heart just melted! What an sweetheart! You captured her personality in such a wonderful way. I am going to have to say that her on the bike is my favorite photo too. I hope her parents order a big one of that!!! That picture reminds me of lollipops, the song from the ice cream truck, staying out playing with childhood friends until the lights came on and hop scotch. The world of childhood. Oh, if only we could go back!

Dondi - Karin, LOVE, LOVE, these pictures! But then again I love all of your pictures! Gracie has some of these ladybug outfits. They are so cute plus they come from my favorite store! Again you have done such a great job!

Dawn Devall - Karin! you ROCK! I am so inviting you to my birthday party! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of her on her bike! Makes me want to buy one myself!

Lindsey & Mike’s Engagement Session

Despite a rain out, a Chinese celebration which brought everyone in St.Louis to the Botanical Gardens, getting lost in “the hood”, and 90 mph winds – Lindsey & Michael ROCKED their engagement session. I can’t be certain, but I think I said something funny here.  Either than or I did something stupid and they laughed […]

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Leah - ADORABLE!! Love the pictures, love the couple, love EVERYTHING 🙂

Amanda Zika - This couple is gorgeous! You are so creative. I love all of the different poses. The third photo is amazing.

Sara & Jonathon’s Wedding

Sara was on a mission trip with her church in New Zealand.  She had no idea that on this trip she would meet the man she would marry.  Jonathon had no idea when he met this sweet girl from the United States that she would be his wife.  But after spending even a short amount […]

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T Bran - Karin & team!!! What amazing photography once again! Man – was her dress gorgeous or what? Loved the shoe shots as well – perfect! My FAV shot was also the pocket shot you talked about, when I seen it on the animoto slide – I was like, OMG…..look what she captured! Way to go! Can’t wait til it’s my daughter’s (& Chet’s) big day and it’s her turn to get showcased thru your photographs. Amazing work!

Amanda Zika - I second everything she said! What a classic, elegant wedding. The bride is beyond stunning and she has this beautiful aura about her. You captured the spirit of their special day and I want to know which photos they pic to print BIG!!!! I would have every one of these hanging around my house canvas sized!!! Fabulous job Karin!!!! ~Amanda~

Dawn Devall - Karin!!! You are too nice! Thank YOU for giving me the opp to do these! You are AMAZING! and the best part, I laughed harder with you than I have with anyone in a LONG time! It def was a beautiful wedding, I know they will be forever thankful for the pics!!!

Trinity Ahie - Man thats awsum guys! Those are sum MEAN photos brotha! U look like tha man Jono! haha. And Sarah, gosh u look more beautiful than ever! You guys make an amazing couple. Im mega happy for u guys! Praying for u both! 😀

Lucy and Jody - WOW!! Such amazing photos, you both looked stunning..We’re lost for words! We miss and love you both xox

Renee Snell - Hey Jono and Sara 🙂
Mean photos! You guys looked great. All the best for the future in the U.S 🙂 Love Renee and Tim.

Danielle Wall - They are amazing photos. How special to have those as an amazing reminder of your special day. Congratulations again.

Leisha and George’s Engagement Session

Do you like rain?  Do you like to run?  I don’t and I don’t.  Well, maybe when I am sleeping sometimes a nice thunderstorm is peaceful and maybe when I am being chased by a bee it’s OK to run.  But for Leisha and George’s engagement session we had to endure a steady down pour, […]

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T Bran - Adorable young couple! Photographs are nothing less than perfect as usual….you ROX!

Amanda Zika - How freaking awesome is this shoot and this adorable couple!!! I can’t choose a favorite! I love them all!

KeHoeff - hey this is a very interesting article!