My sweet friend Baby Eva (even though she is no longer a baby I still call her that) and I got together on a Sunday in St.Louis.  Even though the big city was sort of scarry that day, we managed to have a great time! This was the funniest moment ever.  Eva’s a busy gal, […]

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T Bran - Sweet little Baby Eva. I was showing these to Theresa after we looked at M&C – and I remembered her from previous ones – those eyes and hair – loved them all.

Morrisa Reynolds - What a doll!!!

Amanda Zika - She is stunning! I love her hair and those crystal clear brown eyes! Great job as always 🙂

Patty S - What a beautiful family! I love seeing how beautiful little Eva is. Those eyes are gonna melt so many hearts. : ) Love to all, Patty


I remember being 14.  I remember being nervous about High School, being mad because none of my friends had the same lunch hour as me, and walking into the boys bathroom 3times because it was different on the second floor than it was on the 1st and 3rd.  I also remember… hairspray.  And ALOT of […]

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T Bran - She’s a lovely girl and I loved each and every one of her photos. Did she just do this for fun? It sure looked like it. Her parents will enjoy these for years to come!

Dondi Lechner - What a pretty girl! I loved them as well! She looks like a sweet girl too. Good job Karin!

Michele a.k.a. Ciarra's Mom - OMG! Karin, these are incredible! You truly captured the essence of my sweet beautiful girl. We’ll cherish these as a constant reminder of that amazing day and her impending transition to high school. You and Roger made this such a special experience for us all. Love you guys!

Amanda Zika - Fabulous! I love them all. She sure is beautiful!

Nikki & Brad

I will say it right now.  Nikki & Brad’s wedding was the most meaningful, heartfelt wedding I’ve attended since my own.  And I’ve been to a few since then.  I’m not down playing any other wedding, because each and every wedding we do has a special place in my heart.  Each couple is unique and […]

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Bubbles - Wow!! I swear Karin you are the best photographer ever! The pictures just in the blog are awesome!! Get ready to venture out to Cali when I get married.

Dondi - Karin, Just so you know I did gasp when I seen that picture you say is your favorite! I mean come on! Those some of the most GORGEOUS wedding photos I have ever seen. What a beautiful couple. AGAIN great job Karin!

Amanda Zika - Wow, wow, wow, wow!!! These are beautiful. Absolutely stunning! They look like they are straight out of a magazine!

Morrisa - Fabulous as always, and beautiful subjects I might add!

Leah Emig - OMG … amazingly amazing! and that’s all i can say ! 🙂

T Bran - Love these photos – what a gorgeous couple….

Nikki Emig - How do you thank the most talented and wonderful person in the world? Karin, I cannot imagine how my wedding would have went without you, Roger, and Kelly. Brad and I are so in love with you guys and our photos. You totally captured the day! I am so glad that you are in my life and you will never be let out:) Thank you again, they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I am so beyond happy. Oh by the way I am going to keep pimping you out!!

Dawn Devall - Karin, seriously!!! I can’t keep looking at these at work and crying over people I don’t know! Love is a beautiful thing, that is fo’sho! You are more talented than you give yourself credit for. You inspire me!

Laura & Jason

Internet is acting a little nicer to me, and I’m glad because I’ve been looking forward to telling you about Laura and Jason… Yeah, they are good looking.  I’m not gonna lie. I’m going to go ahead and just admit it that this post is an over abundance of color.  I went a little CRRRRazy […]

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Amanda Zika - Love, love, love, love it!!!! They are all amazing. I really love the detail shots though! They rock! Especially the apple one!

Dondi Lechner - Another amazing job from Karin and Roger! I LOVE all those colors! So pretty! I do have to admit Karin I can’t wait for another amazing wedding photo from 6-6-09!


Morrisa - Aw I love the apple shot =)

Dawn Devall - The colors are even prettier than I remembered! Beautiful wedding:)Awesome job of course!

Jennifer Hailstone - The pictures look great. Thanks for the nice comments. However, I’m much nicer than Martha!!

klott07 - I had Jenny for my wedding, now I want to renew our vows, just so I can have Jenny AND Karin! Amazing job ladies!

Internet Down

Our internet is currently wacked. I personally am blaming it on the weather and the DTV transition. No matter what you blame it on, number 1. feel sorry for me because I have been having fits of rage and feeling lost with no direction. and 2. please be patient if you contact me – it […]

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Morrisa - Awww K Dizz, that bites!!!

Amanda Zika - I was wondering why I have not talked to you today. LOL! How are you surviving! “I, I will survive!!!”