Jessica & Carl

This month is a busy – yet awesome month.  There have been such great weddings – all so unique and all so wonderful.  And I knew Jessica and Carl’s wedding wouldn’t be anything less than fantastic.  Some of you may remember Jessica and Carl from their engagement session because quite frankly – they are hot.  […]

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Amanda Zika - Yay! They are up! I love them!!!! Jessica is so gorgeous! I had so much fun that day!

T Bran - WowZA! How stunning are those? Very stunning. You – are one talented young lady!

Dondi Lechner - G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!! Another wonderful job Karin!!

MOG - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures, I am all weepy. My son is HANDSOME and My Daughter-in-law is BEAUTIFUL. Love ya guys

Linda MOG - What stunning photos. My son is HANDSOME and my Daughter-in-law is beautiful. The wedding was great

Dawn Devall - I Love them!!! What a beautiful wedding party!!!!

Video Samples

I’ve been told alot of people miss it, but be sure to check out the VIDEOS tab above.  See it there?  It says “VIDEOS”  There are some samples on there of past weddings, and we try to add more every now and then.  Although the video editing process is a long one, it is so […]

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T Bran - I have seen two that Roger created – priceless!

Vanessa and Brad

I’m just going to tell you right now – this isn’t a photo shoot with models.  It is in fact Vanessa & Brad’s engagement session.  And it is by all means – hot.  How is it that people this attractive exist in the real world?  And how is it fair?  I am stunned by their […]

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Amanda Zika - Karin, these are fabulous! I love the first one and the one of him kissing her cheek. I am definitely saving it in my inspiration folder! Love it!!!!!

Katelyn - LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

VillarrealWinnie34 - I strictly recommend not to hold off until you get enough amount of money to buy goods! You should get the loans or collateral loan and feel yourself fine

Carla & Marcos

Carla & Marcos are downright adorable.  And SO INCREDIBLY NICE.  Like – boy I wish I was that nice – kind of nice.  And Carla is afraid of the grates on the ground in the city.  It’s sorta funny being downtown with someone who is afraid of these things.  And sort of interesting that I […]

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T Bran - Did you realize this is C&M….how funny…since you just did M&C – anyway love each and every one of these, I do so love the color of her hair! My favorite is the close up of them where he hair is flipped, then love the one where it appears you might be in a parking garage – all of them top NOTCH! Good job Starry-eyed!

Marcos - Karin & Roger you guys did an awesome job. I look forward to seeing the rest of the session. You guys made it so easy for us that I can’t wait for the wedding. Outstanding. We are sooo happy together. Carla you look beautiful, I Love You!

Carla - I love love love them…can’t wait to see the rest!!!!

admin - Marcos – I think you probably just melted every woman’s heart out there that read this blog! You are so thoughtful, and you can see by Carla’s face how happy you make her. And I know you feel just as happy! The rest are in the mail! Enjoy!

Amanda Zika - Yep, he melted my heart. What an awesome couple and the photos are AMAZING!!!

M&C {aka Morrisa & Chet}

I sit here speechless.  I’ve had this blog written already in my head for about 6 months.  I knew what I’d say and knew how I’d say it.  And now – there are no words.  How do you articulate a day as big as this?  I knew first hand the effort and heart that went […]

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T Bran - My Dearest Doolins – Where do I even begin on commenting? Absolutley AMAZING photographs taken on their special day. How long I have I waited to read a blog about M&C – and how many blogs and recent sessions did I go thru and check my fav’s just to share with you what I liked, because I too, enjoy AWESOME photography. – Plus, I feel too, like I know your clients just through your blogging. I am so glad that we found and chose you – so glad it brought us more than just TOP NOTCH photography of that day…it brought us new friends, just like they are really more FAMILY. Roger & Karin are a SUPERB team – in the business and in their own personal life – they are a good example to us of how to love and be loved. I must close with saying that only Karin truly knows what this blog has meant to me…and I – will FOREVER be grateful to her.

With sincere apprecation for all you have done for Morrisa & Chet, and me – thru this whole process. Love ya, T Bran

Laura Branham - UN-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!!!! Gorgeous photos – I can’t say amymore than that – but THANKS!!!

Dondi - BREATHTAKING is the only word that comes to mind right now! I am here at work and get this text from T Bran and all it says is”BLOG”! I was so exctied for I too have been checking at least twice a day on this blog! I am looking at these photos and reading the blog with tears in my eyes. SERIOUSLY! What a gorgeous couple and so much in love it is bursting out of them. You are right Karin Morrisa is so lucky to have a mother like “T Bran”. I look up to her so much! Thanks for the wonderful photos! ~Dondi

T Bran - Ha – just one more thing….I love how you started their blog M&C, I want to think we started that simply from all the emailing back and forth to shorten it up – and it stuck (sorda like M). Ha LOL. Am I going to have some CUTE grandkids some day or what? Thank you again – Karin & Roger!

Amanda Zika - Karin and Roger – I am sitting here at work with tears over these GORGEOUS photos. I see from the comments how happy the family is and I can’t blame them. This is my favorite wedding yet. The Knot should be calling you over this one! This is definitely and “it” wedding in STL. This is an example of why you guys are booked out over a year in advance. Love you guys and can’t wait until our next wedding together. But your next blog entry better not make me cry again!

Morrisa Reynolds - Let me just first off say, that ever since this magical day came and went, I’ve said over and over again how I wish I could re-live it, slow it down, watch it all over. You, Karin (and Roger), have allowed me to do this. You have given us our special day back! You captured everything so beautifully, so perfect, so Starry Eyed Style. I could read this blog a million times over – I’ve waited so long to have “our” post. It’s been a long journey, a long time coming, and you were there every step of the way. Thank you for pointing out to everyone that will look at this post, that it’s all thanks to my MOM (and a few helpers) that this day was so perfect and everything we could have ever dreamed it would be. Thank you Karin, for everything – for amazing photos, for an amazing friendship, and for being an amazing “sista” WOOT WOOT to that! Love ya girl!

Morrisa Reynolds - P.S. – did she really say this was an “it” wedding?! OH YEAH!!!! You worked it out!

Chet Reynolds - Thank you so much for being there all day to take these photos. Everything looks amazing. I especially like the one of my nephew running down the aisle. That moment is a little bit funnier now than it was when it happened. Thanks again. You made us look great!

Amy Halpin - K-Dizzle….these photos are off the charts!!!! Words can’t even describe how A-M-A-Z-I-N-G they are. Just seeing the expressions on Morrisa and even Chet’s face as they watched the video, I know that they are thrilled and truely love the photos. You hit a home run girly 😉 You are such a great person inside and out and it is obvious in your work how passionate you are about your profession and many people don’t get to experience that with their occupations. Thanks for making this such a great day for the Branhams. I love ya girl and am so glad to have met you and have you in my life over the past year!!!

cindy harper - Karin,
I’m crying all over again. It started when I saw my best friend (Tammy Jo)walking down that isle at m&c’s wedding.I don’t know if i have ever seen a bride that absolutly radiated happiness like Morrisa. Chet, not so bad himself. you and your husband captured every bit of that happiness in all of those beautiful photos. I’m so glad for the branham, reynolds family for the treasure you gave them in photo, and in friendship.
cindy harper

Dawn Devall - ok GREAT, thanks for making me cry at work while reading this!!! WHat an awesome day:)