Savanah & Josh

We’ve had some scary times in the Lou lately.  People are a little… different in certain areas.  The best spots for photos is sometimes the worst spots for safety.  After this last weekend, we will be rethinking where we ask our couples to roam around for great photos.  And roaming we have done.  If you […]

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Savanah - OMG I LOVE THEM!!! I cannot wait to see the rest!!

Amanda Zika - You are my favorite photog for this reason – look at how well you capture people! Seriously, gorgeous photos and gorgeous couple. Fabulous job girlie!

Dawn Devall - That pic is HOT! you go girl! I am loving all of them:

Kimberly & Nathan

There are certain celebrities I love.  But I do have one favorite that if someone asked – “who is your celebrity idol?” – I could answer in a millisecond…. Kelly Ripa.  For sure.  She’s super cute, super skinny, super funny, and I totally want to be her.  So when I met Kimberly, it was love […]

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Ashley - OMG…..yes, totally adorable! and yes….i TOTALLY see Kelly Ripa….especially from the side. LUCKY GIRL!

klott07 - Love this! This couple seems WAY awesome for several reasons: 1. Is that a COACH collar that dog is wearing? 2. She DOES look like Kelly. 3. Can Nathan give my husband lessons on dressing himself?!?

Karen Barber - Karen(mother of the groom); These photos make my heart sing!!! All I can think of is “thank God” Nathan passed thru and is over his ‘retro” phase when it comes to his clothes!! You both are so beautiful, and are so very perfect for each other! to think, I had a role in their first ‘blind” date!!!

Amanda Zika - I agree with the previously stated! Holy moly she does look like Kelly. Lucky girl. That is one cute dog too! I love, love, love the flower shot. That is beautiful!

Morrisa - FYI – Kelly Ripa is my fav too!!!! I will have all Electrolux Appliances someday!!!! *Soul sisters* – – Oh, and awesomely great photos as usual!!!

Wendi Caserotti - We love these pictures! Incredible photography – can’t wait for New Years Eve!!! We are so excited that these two special people found each other. Welcome to the family Kim!!!!

Kari Hannah - Karin/Roger- I have never see the quality of capturing the moment in photos like I see when I look at your blog. It is truely amazing what you can do with a camera! You are today’s version of da Vinci!

Ashley & Dustin’s E-session

Ashley & Dustin are SO stinkin cute it’s ridiculous.  Ashley and I discussed engagement sessions for quite some time.  We talked about last fall, then talked about doing something in the snow, then a Forest Park session, and then we ended up doing them on Washington Ave a couple weeks ago.  Um – hot choice. […]

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T Bran - G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s couple and g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s photos! Keep up the great work!

Amanda Zika - These are flipping awesome!!!! Your right, she is gorgeous. They are going to have gorgeous children!

Dawn Devall - You outdid yourself!!! I am addicted to this blog, can you tell?? I can only hope to be as good as you someday!

Fall Sessions

The feel of the cool crisp air on your skin, the colors of the leaves as they become their beautiful autumn hue, the smell of kettle corn and bonfires, some bossy photographer spouting out things like “Happy Smiles on 3” and “Go ahead and kiss for one!”.  Yes, that’s right folks.  I could only be […]

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Dawn Devall - the third one is my favorite:)

pam - Yep, they are cute! Buuuuttt, I am Josh’s mom.

Amanda Zika - I call the last Lafeyette Square time! 🙂

Jennifer Birks - Hey!!!! Ok so Steven and I picked October 18th at Forest Park at 2:00 for our engagement session!!!! I’m SUPER excited!!!

Oh aaaannnnddd I looked at the blue box for Nikki & Brad’s wedding and saw mine and steven’s pictures.. haha yeah kind of don’t remember that! lol What a goof! Those were all really funny, especially the ones with Brad Haar in them! hahaha

Anyways, it was really nice meeting you today and I came home and told steven all about you!! 🙂 We are really excited and know that we are going to have a really fun time! Thanks so much for making me feel really comfortable! It really sets my mind at ease knowing that you two are going to be a lot of fun and not “wierdos!” hahaha

Talk to you soon!

Through Roger’s Lens

I swear to you, my husband does not have ADD.  He’s just an avid people watcher.  And if you put a camera with a zoom lens attached in his hands, watch out!  Because if he finds you interesting, he’s snapping a picture of you.  (or if you are a bird or animal he might also […]

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Trisha S. - ME! 😉
Looks like fun! =D

T Bran - I do! Ha Ha Ha – tell Roger I said GREAT JOB!!! Loved the blog, you two are cracking me up….

Renee - This post just made my day!! Thank you for providing me with humor, this was hilarious!! Great photos.

Dawn Devall - This was the highlight of my Friday night!! I laughed so hard!!! knowing rogers personality made it even funnier:)

Amanda Zika - I am dying! This is the funniest thing ever. The guy fishing might be my fav.

Dondi - Karin,
These were so fun to look at! Loved them! Oh, I know 2 girls that would LOVE to go on your shoot! LOL!!

Laura Revelle - So I weekly check your blog to see what has been shakin’ in your life and love to look at all of your beautiful pictures but “Through Rogers Lens” is by far my favorite. This is too funny and I you two are hysterical, please do this more often because it will leave a smile on my face for days! Hope all is well.

Well Refined – Michele » Starry Eyed Studios - […] well as some zen-type spiritual shots for her website.  Roger actually has alot of experience in photographing people meditating and doing holistic movements in public if you remember, so this session was totally up his alley – only THIS time the subject A. […]