About Us

This is the page that is supposed to have a clever description of us, making us seem super unique and magical.  Maybe even… cool.  If  hot photos of us that make us look like supermodels, descriptions like “we love long walks and sunsets”, and maybe even a video that depicts us as the most interesting people you’ve ever seen is what you are hoping to find, I’m sorry to say you’ve come to the wrong website.  What we are, is real.  Down to Earth, relatable, agreeable, honest, fun-loving people.  We don’t pretend to be anything we are not, and we don’t expect you to either.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  ~Anais Nin

If you want to know about us, take a look around this blog.  Read some personal posts, some travel posts, read about the amazing couples we are fortunate enough to know, and the enthusiastic, fun teens that are getting ready to graduate.  This blog is a reflection of us professionally and personally, so take a look around and really get to know us.

We don’t want you to walk away from our About Us page feeling incomplete – so for a behind the scenes look, here’s a photo of us from our own wedding day.  There may be a few more wrinkles since then, and maybe a couple more pounds here and there (depending on the time of year; let’s face it – Christmas binge eating happens), but it’s the one image that immediately takes  us back to that day.  It was towards the end of the night, I’d traded my wedding dress for sweats and my “Mrs. Doolin” bedazzled shirt, and Roger had kicked back and loosened his tie.  We sat on a chair together- exhausted – and took a self portrait of us.  Happy.  Full of hope.  Best Friends.  Invincible.  Determined.  Together.  When we take a self portrait 40 years from now – the faces will have changed, but the words to describe us will still remain.  Maybe this photo isn’t the most glamorous one we’ve ever taken, but it’s the most honest.

When we discussed naming our business, we wanted something that represented “us”.  Just like this photo is a wonderful representation of us – appropriately so is the date it was taken…


Our wedding day: Gatlinburg TN 10/16/04