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Ellie + John {love story}

They met their Freshman year of college at Millikin University in Decatur IL.  Both Ellie and John were accounting majors and lived across the hall from one another in their dorm.  They clicked from the beginning (other than the factnthat she is an avid fan of the Cardinals and growing up in a suburb of Chicago, […]

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Katie + Vinny {love story}

They knew of one another as long as they could remember.  They grew up in the same small town, and even though they went to different high schools, they still ran within the same circles.  Weekends were spent hanging out with mutual friends and the two got to know one another better as time went […]

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Torrie + Brad {love story}

Fun, loving, caring, generous… just a few words to describe Torrie and Brad’s relationship.  It all started with a suggestion.  A friend of a friend told Torrie she should meet a guy named Brad, so they became Facebook friends and started a dialog.  They took it upon themselves to plan a date: out for dinner […]

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