Megan & Warren {married}

Upon first meeting him, he’s a bit shy and quiet.  But when you dig a little deeper you find that Warren is genuine, caring, with a huge heart.  It’s impossible not to like him.  At first glance, she’s a blonde bombshell that is positively radiant.  But when you get past her beautiful exterior you find that Megan is a down to Earth, simple sweet girl that you can’t help but love.  When you see these two together, you may just see this adorable couple, but when you really see Warren and Megan as a couple – when no one is watching – you see best friends, a solid foundation, trust and respect.  You see everything you should see with a couple embarking on a new life together, as well as what you expect to see in a old gray couple walking handing hand after years of being with one another.  Enjoy the beginning of Megan & Warren’s life long story!The beautiful hues of purple throughout the day were brought to life by Becky Huffman and her wonderful team!!  She never ceases to amaze me.Megan – good Lord above you are gorgeous.  Jaw dropping gorgeous.  If you weren’t such a lovable person I may have been mad at you for being so perfect!!  😉Warren – Warren G.  I’m so glad that you and Roger had a bromance on your wedding day talking about outdoorsy, manly stuff.  The usual wedding talk of flowers and makeup etc makes him question wether his man card could be revoked, but luckily enough you made him feel normal again.  The cathedral in Belleville IL is one of the most stunning churches around.  Absolutely breathtaking.Megan was lucky enough to have her two sisters by her side to walk her down the aisle.  How awesome to have the support system of the two women she’s shared her life with growing up!Told you this church is stunning!One of our favorites of the day captured by Roger.OWWW
We may have had to walk down a highway to get there – but the risk was worth the reward!!

Thank you Megan and Warren for allowing us to be a part of your day!!  We can’t express enough how much we appreciate your laid back personalities, your trust in us, the amount of time you built into your day for photos and fun, and for your willingness to do anything we asked you to do.  I don’t know too many brides who would say “Let’s do it” when asked to walk a few yards in traffic to get to a photo spot.  You two were so respectful and kind, and we can’t thank you enough for that.  We hope you will always keep in touch with us so we can watch your love grow and all your successes in the future!!


Megan and Warren have much many more photos to see!!  Check some of them out in their slideshow below!

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Megan Lambert - O.M.G!! I love every single picture! Thank you guys so much for capturing every moment so perfectly! You guys are the best!

Tina Friedel-Hughes - What beautiful pictures! You guys looked stunning & your photographs capture them perfectly! Love you guys & I thank you sooooo much for sharing your day with me! Love, Aunt Tina

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