2011 Behind the scenes

To say 2011 blessed us beyond belief would be an understatement.  With each year we feel we grow, we learn, we get better – on a personal level as well as professionally.  Reflecting on the past year makes us excited for what the future years have in store, but today we want to take the opportunity to thank those who let us into their lives in 2011.

Last year we did a video reflection of behind the scenes of us to remind us of where we’d been that year and all the places and people we experienced.  It was such a hit (in our household, not necessarily anyone else’s) that we decided to keep the tradition and make one at the end of every year.  If you were photographed by us in 2011, keep an eye out – you never know what may have been captured!!


No chalk was actually smoked by any members of TenSixteen Photography.  We do not condone smoking chalk.  Smoking chalk would be possibly bad for your health.

Although couches may have been damaged, TenSixteen is not liable.  Although commonly exhibited, TenSixteen Photography does not recommend climbing on objects for photos.

No small children, dogs, pom poms, or hats were hurt in the making of these images.

In other words… don’t try this at home!


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