Emily & Mike – Christmas Photo Shoot

Emily & Mike were our free Christmas session winners.  We are photographing their wedding this October and as we’ve gotten to know them, we knew they would be a great couple to photograph.  #1 – they are so in love.  I know – all of our engaged couples are in love, but these two do have something special that stands out.  It’s as if the crush they had when they started dating  is still just as fresh as in the beginning.  #2 – they are super nice and enjoy being photographed – God love you Mike.  #3 – They kiss very romantically, very naturally, and don’t feel awkward that we are documenting it.  This is not common, but so so wonderful for a photographer!  #4 – Mike is from Wisconisn, so bitter cold temps are no big deal to him.  And finally – these two were up for anything, so they laced up some skates, bundled up, and rocked some awesome photos!  Enjoy our contest winners…Emily & Mike!!!





It’s pretty awesome to tell two people “act like you are singing with these fake carolers” and then they totally do it.  I love these two!

IMG_9966 copy



Seriously.  How cute are they?







Emily & Mike – I couldn’t adore you any more than I do.  Your wedding is one we will look forward to all year!  I hope you treasure these photos as much as I do!  Happy New Year!

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