The priest softly spoke about growing old together.  About having that person who knows you better than you know yourself.  The room was so silent while his words resonated with me deeply.  I felt my eyes well up as he talked about… forever.  About old wrinkly hands, about good times and bad, about loving and honoring.

As I stood frozen by the hugeness of the moment and slowly wiped my eyes, over a sea of people our eyes met and he silently mouthed the words “I love you”.

It is incredible to work with the man you love and together watch young couples enter into the journey of forever.  It reminds me every time of that day – our day – when there was nothing but eagerness to commit to good times and bad, loving and honoring, and for old wrinkly hands intertwined.

Thank you for growing old with me.

end of night

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Ashley Bywater - Beautiful! Words and pic! 🙂

T Bran - pretty darn SWEET – and it’s even better…..I know what you said are not just words – it’s totally from the heart. I consider you and Roger both lucky to have found that in one another!

Amanda Zika - You melted my heart today 🙂

Dawn - darn it Karin, you did it again! snif snif! Happy Anniversary!!

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